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Quality Statement

“Help BorderlessMind institutionalize unified process repository, which provides consistent, optimized, customer focused quality deliverables and gain repeat business, brand values for marketability.”

At BorderlessMind we believe that Quality is a never ending spiral. It is a continuous journey towards improvement. Quality to us means not only meeting but far exceeding the client expectation along with keeping our most valuable asset i.e. our team at BorderlessMind empowered and help them in growing. In order to succeed and deliver quality products and services consistently and continuously we have defined processes that are formed on the basis of years of experience and collection of best practices from the industry and from within the organization.

The organizations set of defined processes helps BorderlessMind to keep everyone in the organization at the same level of understanding and also bring in consistency in the work.

In our never ending quest for quality, the Organization has set different milestones which act as the motivational and inspirational factor to move ahead with more zeal and energy. One such milestone that we had set for ourselves was to achieve CMMI Maturity level 3. The dedication and the effort put in by the whole organization made it easy to be successfully

This Appraisal has put BorderlessMind in the league of those few companies that are certified by the SEI for CMMI  version 1.2.

  • Our size of organizations are about 20% among overall companies which got assessed in last year. Out of this approx 31% of the companies are at Level 3.
  • About 8.4% of the companies has not been given any assessment rating in 2006
  • About 33% companies were being assessed at Level 3 in 2006
  • About 18% companies were assessed for Level 5 in 2006
  • About 67% of the organization who get assessed are in-house / commercial organizations like us. Out of 921 such organizations 787 are non-US organizations.

BorderlessMind has defined the following Corporate Frameworks for improving the overall quality of the organization as well as aligning the whole organization in the same direction.

Organizational Framework: For each unit, we have a defined set of responsibilities and skill sets required which are defined in Skill matrix. These responsibilities and skills are mapped to different roles existing in all units. The different roles are defined in Quality Manual which is the apex document.

Operational Framework: All the Business and Functional Units are aligned to one single mission at corporate level. To cater to this mission, each unit has it’s own vision defined which is achieved through objectives, policies, Procedure, plans and budget.

Business Framework: At BorderlessMind we have four lines of business called as business units with People, Process & Technology as their base. The infrastructure and Quality system exists for all business units.

Culture Framework: At BorderlessMind, we have a set of core values defined which are Building Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction, Profitability, leadership, Quality, Empowered Team. We have a value meter in place to align all BorderlessMindites to the core values and to measure their understanding of core values.

Training Framework: For any organization to achieve its goal the three most important factors required are People, Process and Tools & technology.

At BorderlessMind the most important factor is it’s People i.e. BorderlessMindites. For BorderlessMindites to be best they need to continuously improve on three aspects

Soft Skills – to manage

Tools & Technology – to work

Processes – to bring all on the same page

The Training group BorderlessMind University is doing just that

Corporate Strategy
Business Strategy

Strategy Framework: The strategy at corporate and unit level encompasses corporate/Unit’s goals, financial goals and Quality plans which helps in achieving the organization’s mission.

The hierarchy of the Quality Management System at BorderlessMind is as follows:


The Senior Management at BorderlessMind has defined the Quality Policy in the Quality Manual which lays emphasis on the institutionalization of unified processes in order to provide products and services keeping in focus Quality and Customers need.


To make the organization process dependent instead of person dependent we have defined a set of standard processes. The processes at BorderlessMind are divided into different categories which are Process Management, Project Management, Engineering and Support processes. Processes falling under these categories are defined and are stored at a Common repository accessible to the whole organization for reference.

 Templates, checklists & Guidelines

Implementation of processes is ensured through the use of templates, checklists and guidelines which again are part of the Common repository. Tailoring guidelines offers the required flexibility for execution of the specific needs of projects.

Several checkpoints are put in place to ensure that the best practices being followed are under control. SQA and Audit processes are well institutionalized to keep track of the ongoing activities and help in finding points of improvement.

In order to manage everything effectively and quantitatively we have in place Metrics Council which collects different measurements and metrics which are analyzed in consultation with the process owners to gain insight into the project and process status.

We have in place the Knowledge Library which contains information and good practices from past projects and experience. Knowledge library is used as a tool for planning and estimating the future projects and activities accurately

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