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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to introduce BorderlessMind Digital’s first quarterly newsletter. Over the course of this year you will receive several articles related to up-and-coming events along with trends and tips on how to utilize digital production successfully. BorderlessMind would like to bring you into our world and the world that helps us tick.

Offering a wide range of New Media and IT Solutions, BorderlessMind Digital is a fast growing Web Design and SEO services company that develops leading-edge web solutions and delivers professional services to small and medium-sized businesses. We hope and believe the information you read will be helpful and prove positive for future success. We are consistently growing and exceeding our fullest potential, and want to bring you onboard for the ride!

    We will see:
  Why use Web 2.0 When Building Brand Transparency
  Analog vs. Digital – Where to spend
Marketing Budgets now and why?
  Test Upfront, Get Smart and
Save Money
  The 7 Deadly Sins of Website Design

Thank you for reading our first BorderlessMind Digital Newsletter and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. Please visit our website and our networking sites for the latest news about BorderlessMind and the Information Technology world.


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BorderlessMind Digital is an international digital marketing agency with experience in business strategy, brand strategy, creative design, web development and online marketing. We use digital tactics from search marketing and web development, to social media, and mobile solutions to engage with our clients. We understand customer behavior, and respond with online marketing programs and experiences that cater to them, helping customers find what they are looking for. With a combination of strategy, creativity, marketing and technology, we create engaging marketing programs to enable our customers to interact with your brand. Along with the ability to deliver a measurable online strategy, we produce expressions of brands that are intuitive, relevant, and engaging.

BorderlessMind Digital uses a team of experts that are committed to providing our clients with the best results without paying the highest prices.

Being based in Dallas, Texas we are readily accessible for clients needing SEO in Texas, but we also work with clients globally.

Why use Web 2.0 When Building Brand Transparency
“Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the second generation of web-based communities.” It suggests an emphasis on collaboration and sharing, improved functionality, enhanced organization, and an approach to the market as an open conversation. It is the current generation of interactive user experience revolving around social networking based upon collaboration and sharing.

Improving the user-experience has everything to do with fulfilling desires. Whether it is a one-on-one conversation or another form of interactive communication, all website users are seeking one thing:

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Analog vs. Digital – Where to spend Marketing Budgets now and why?

Sellers of traditional media publicize that mediums such as broadcast television and the internet allow advertisers an unrivaled impact and reach, where attributes become even more valuable as media fragments. Sellers of digital media counter that, pinpointing targeting and ever-improving analytics that make spending more in digital the right choice.

So how do you decide where to spend your marketing dollars???

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Test Upfront, Get Smart and Save Money
In order to stand out in the crowd of web-sites that populate the net and be relevant to current and prospective customers, companies benefit from doing independent tests on web-site concepts, designed by creative teams before launching into development and production. Web-site Design Optimization Testing in early stages of the development process provides insights on the most effective design concepts and helps companies to save in development costs and increase its revenue potential using the online channel.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Website Design
Today, too many websites deliver frustrating experiences driving customers away and damaging their overall brands.

While the consequences of poor website design may not include eternal damnation, companies committing these “sins” are losing their ability to connect with customers and neglecting to increase revenue growth in this harsh economy.

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