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5 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting Remote Work

The global pandemic in which we currently find ourselves is unprecedented in modern times. Not since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 has the world

Want to Use Staff Augmentation for Your IT Projects? Not Sure What the Benefits Are?

One of the hottest trends in the corporate world is using staff augmentation to fill out your IT team without having to add more full-time

Image Annotation Project In Your Mind? Worried how to make it work on your AI Platform?

Image annotation is an essential element of AI learning and teaching computers to see the world. More simply put, image annotation uses a human-powered process

9 Key Benefits which makes Offshore IT Staff Augmentation Irresistible

Never in history has it been easier for entrepreneurs to bring on talented staff from abroad using telecom-assisted outsourcing. And no type of work is

Popular Misconceptions About Offshore Data Annotation

As machine learning and AI services become ever more mainstream to IT, the need for annotated data for these applications is rising explosively. Using an offshore data annotation service like

Here is Why You Should Choose Python for Your Web Development Project

We all know that technology is always changing and advancing for the better. And the technology is largely affecting all kinds of businesses. So, if

7 Reasons To Hire Offshore ASP .Net MVC Developers in India for Your ASP .Net Development Project has been developed and owned by Microsoft is one of the most popular, and widely used and accepted programming languages. The ASP.Net experts can

Is your company data secure with the remote team? 5 proven tips to keep your data secure

One of the predominant workplace trends over the years has been hiring an offshore remote team for skills that are not available in-house. This helps

6 top reasons for startups need to hire offshore talent

Startups often wonder if they should hire an offshore staff to perform certain tasks or to keep them within the organization. As a business owner,

10 Project Management Best Practices to manage remote teams effectively

Project Management isn’t easy. The challenge increases manifold if there’s a remote team to be managed. You need the right set of people, processes, methodologies,

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