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We believe talented digital workers are available globally, but the opportunities are not.

We are Borderless Minded? Are You?

BorderlessMind helps enterprises, growth businesses and startups acquire the world’s Top 5% IT and Non-IT Remote Talent to become part of their critical projects. We specialize in remote (offshore or near-shore) and onshore staff augmentation solutions for our clients. We provide the most culturally-fit talent that are versed in a variety of software development languages, frameworks, technologies, experiences, IT and non-IT skills. We focus on solving our clients’ most critical projects and talent challenges through acquiring the best people with the right expertise to help our clients succeed.

BorderlessMind serves clients worldwide and helps find talent in India, Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Romania, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, and the Philippines just to name a few. The “Future of Work” is here to stay, are you ready to grow your remote teams?

We are changing the world

Massive Transformative Purpose

We are on a mission to build a global digital talent force. We want to impact over a million people and develop the next generation of digital-native leaders.

Changing the Mindset

Emerging technologies like mobile, cloud and digital transformation are changing the way we live, communicate and think. Great talent is available globally but not the digital opportunities.

The World is Borderless

Parts of the world have untapped talent and expertise is available on demand. This can greatly impact the local economies and bring people out of poverty.

How It Works?

Much like hiring a team in-house, but a lot easier and painless.

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