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How to Hire ReactJS Developers In India

ReactJS has a fascinating history. It began as Facebook's internal hackathon project and has now become one of the most popular javascript development libraries. Today, ReactJS is backed by major corporations such as Microsoft and Samsung and is already playing a leading role in bringing next generation applications to life. In simple terms, ReactJS can be defined as a JavaScript library for building applications. This framework does not only help developers build high-quality applications within a short development time, but also offers outstanding performance. If you have a project that would require ReactJS developers, you could either hire them locally or outsource abroad. Hiring locally is perfect, but outsourcing abroad is a great alternative. Countries like India and Pakistan have some of the brightest tech minds in the world. Best of all, due to several factors, they are generally less expensive compared to hiring locally. There are tons of reasons why you might consider looking overseas for your ReactJS developer or development team. In this article, we will focus on India and what it takes to hire ReactJS programmers from India.

What to Look Out for When Hiring an Offshore REACTJS Native Programmer

Offshore ReactJS development companies in India have already built teams of experienced freelance ReactJS programmers and project managers who have developed useful applications for clients across the world. ReactJS is a relatively new development library. Indian offshore ReactJS development companies make sure their programmers always stay on top of the new release chains, testing new technologies and builds and sharing their ideas to remain on the cutting edge of ReactJS development.

No front end developer is alien to HTML and CSS. The ability to craft and work with user interfaces is necessary for every organization. At a professional level, your offshore React native developers should be able to:

  • Understand flexbox
  • Work with and write semantic HTML tags
  • Implement a CSS reset
  • Work with and write CSS selectors
  • Good understanding of the box model
    Implement responsive web principles including the use of media queries

What separates a good front-end developer from a great one is that greats developers look at the development process from the users’ perspective; they do not merely follow instructions. More so, the best developers will learn to work in accordance to your organizational values and product goals. When hiring prospects look out for these things.

Ask for previous work: Can they showcase previous products they’ve developed, send over screenshots or code samples of different enhancements.

Excellent communication skills correlate with good development skills. A great ReactJS developer should be able to understand problems clearly, break them down into hypotheses and give solutions in an orderly manner. Hire a freelancer who is comfortable with documentation in English. They understand concepts quickly, or ask the right questions to follow.

The ability to develop naturally within concepts like JSX and Virtual DOM or component lifecycle is indispensable, make sure to check and see whether your candidates agree with this. If not… well, just let them go.

When developers have aspirations to be the best, they need to follow the rules available in the style guides, like the Airbnb JS Style Guide or the Google JS Style Guide. And why is this so important? Because writing user-friendly, consistent source code makes it a lot easier to maintain the app – both in the present and the future.

When Clients (product owners) make changes in the project. Good developers should be good at taking the news that their previous version of the software, that they developed for months has been dissipated due to the client (product owners) changing their mind.

Most times when you outsource your ReactJS development project to freelancers in India, you pay less for quality service. Today a good number of American companies hire the bulk of programmers from India. Indian developers outscore U.S. developers by 11% on math and logic, analytical skills and they generally charge cheaper than their local counterparts. Outsourcing your ReactJS project to Indian freelancers is never a bad idea if you follow these basic guidelines.

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