Do You Have The Tools To Manage A Remote Team?

If your business is lucky enough to be going through a busy period, sometimes outsourcing and using remote workers is a must. Working with a remote team can take the pressure off and ensure that your team on the ground feels supported and able to complete the work. Overall, this means a happy team and a happy client!

Although remote teams are amazing when you need to adjust your business operations to be more agile (like right now cough, cough!), without the right tools to manage them they can be challenging to set up.

However, we believe that hiring and using a remote team should be easy. Essentially, they should be an extension of your current team. We’re running through the tools you’ll need to hire a remote team to help you decide whether you need to strengthen your toolkit first.

What tools do you need for a remote team?

If you want to make your remote team a success, you’ll need to have a few things in place. For many businesses, upon working through this list they realize that they probably don’t have the tools in place to manage a remote team straight away.

That’s where Borderless Mind comes in to support you as you hire and develop your remote team. Here’s what you need to start working with a remote team:

The hiring infrastructure to hire remote workers

It’s all well and good saying that you need to hire remote workers – but actually finding the right ones for the job is the major challenge that businesses face. If you don’t have professionals within your business who can source remote workers, you will risk hiring the wrong people. This could have a detrimental effect on your business.

Working with staff augmentation specialists means that you get access to remote workers who are masters of their domains, and are constantly learning and keeping their skills up-to-date.

The management infrastructure

Next up is communication between the team. If you go about hiring a remote team yourself, you might find that you lack the briefing capacity. A remote worker is only as good as the brief they’ve been given to follow and the communication they receive.

This is where a third party like BorderlessMind can be very helpful in keeping on top of projects and ensuring that things run smoothly. The art of delegation is something that will allow your projects to run smoothly from start to finish. Keeping an offshore team engaged and ensuring that they are motivated can be a challenge without the tools to ensure clear communication.

Manage the workflow

Some of the tools you will need to manage a remote team might extend beyond the people that you will need to support you. The workflow will need to be simple to follow and therefore using an online management tool like Asana or might be helpful.

Pick a platform that allows you to set goals, meet deadlines, and give feedback easily. When you work with BorderlessMind, you’ll have work flowing via scrum or agile using Jira or Trello.

Using online platforms for communication are helpful too. You might need to use Zoom, Slack or BaseCamp to keep communications with your remote team clear. Communication channels need to have the capacity to be asynchronous and synchronous.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing across the organization will be essential if you want to work well with your remote team. Ensuring that the tools are in place to train and share knowledge is essential to success. This might mean using cloud-based platforms to share knowledge, implementing Confluence or using video and screen capturing tool like Loom to keep everyone in the loop.

When it comes to sharing the training tools that remote workers need to succeed, BorderlessMind provides a dedicated account manager who will address and handle any local support issues and ensure your resources are well cared for and are working effectively. Having a middle man to bridge any gaps and ensure that everyone has access to the knowledge they need can prove very helpful. It also helps keep things secure and well managed.

What next? How do I hire my remote team?

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to gain access to remote workers from all over the globe. If you’re considering hiring a remote team, it could be a great business decision.

When you work with BorderlessMind, you’ll gain access to the world’s best talent that means you can rest assured that you are working with screened professionals.

However, if you want to succeed with your remote workers, you’ll need to have the tools in place to manage them effectively so that they become part of your team. We’d love to share more on how Borderless Mind currently works with global businesses to help them work more effectively.

You can get in touch with us to receive a free trial over on our website. Alternatively, you can also learn more about us over on our FAQ page.

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