Why BorderlessMind?

We believe that through outsourcing, small-to-medium-sized businesses can gain a competitive advantage. We understand businesses and recognize the challenges they face in today’s fast-paced and extremely competitive market. We understand the pitfalls related to outsourcing.

  • We help our clients set up a remote dedicated team in our offices and provide all the guidance and advice needed to make offshore staffing work for you.
  • We assist you in recruiting the right Resource(s) with the skills (Designer, Coder or other skills) required to do the job.
  • We offer fully functional office and great work environment.
  • We handle all the HR and payroll related issues.
  • We take care of all IT and Communication related requirements.

We have built successful IT and Digital Marketing business using resources from India and have also personally hired and worked with many outsourced providers and remote teams in India, therefore we know the pain one can go through to make outsourcing effective.
Our primary one goal is to provide businesses with cost-effective IT or Digital Marketing staffing solutions using a simple, transparent, and cost-effective.


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