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Since 1999, we have been helping our clients expand their teams in India. These include developers (software, mobile, web), designers, digital marketing experts, back office skilled resources in India. BorderlessMind is a great way to handle burst periods of work. We work as an extension of your team. We bring top talent and expertise to your organization.

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    We have a rigorous candidate screening process to identify and hire the best and culture fit talent. Top 5%.

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    We hire and retain people who love what they do and do what they love.

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    Our people are master of their domains, constantly invest in learning and keep their skills up-to-date.

  • Experience

    We are a true extension of our client teams and value seamless customer experience.

  • Right-Size

    We offer flexible and scalable model with total transparency.

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    We ease you off your hiring pain and solve people hiring problems for you.

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  • You can pick resources from our existing available ASP.NET MVC Developers resource pool, interview them, screen them, shortlist them and hire them for a certain period
  • In case of non-availability in the existing pool, we will arrange the resources to be interviewed based on your skills needed, selection criterion and hire them for min contract period of 3 months.
  • You choose the desired engagement model, sign Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA) and Resource Sign Off (RSO).

Every Day Working

  • Team reports to you and you work with them directly based on your protocol and project management tools.
  • You manage the team directly and escalate issues with any resource directly to escalation point designated to you for resolutions and replacement of resources if needed.
  • You will be billed 40 hours a week, minimum.
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Microsoft’s .Net framework allows developers to build Microsoft Windows software with code from various programming languages. Experienced Dot Net developers are in high demand, and so, they charge quite a lot. More so, the dot net framework is particularly tricky to get a competent programmer. However, a way out of paying these exorbitant fees is to look elsewhere, preferably in India. India is one of the world’s leading ICT nations, and they have an abundance of offshore freelance ASP .Net developers that will work on your project for far more affordable rates.
Hiring remote dot net programmers in India can be confusing, but after reading this article, you will find it a lot more straightforward. Here are a few things you must note when looking to hire an offshore ASP .Net MVC developer in India.

Before you start looking to hire ASP .Net programmers in India, you have to have in your mind a picture of your perfect employee. If possible, write down the desired expertise, experience, education, and so on.

You should narrow down the descriptions because you would need a clear image of your ideal offshore dot net developer in India.

A key determinant in finding the right ASP .Net MVC expert is your budget for the project. A perk of hiring freelance dot net developers from India is that you can get work done at way cheaper rates than in the US. However, with any remote designer or coder, you get what you pay for.

To budget on this, browse through the ASP .Net coders that fit your criteria and note their average charge. This would give you a sense of what is over- and underpriced.

When you have your ideal candidate and appropriate budget, you can now use those to set criteria when advertising your jobs. You will receive tons of applicants who might or might not meet your requirements. It is your job to sieve the applicants based on your laid down standards and gut instincts.

When you have begun searching to hire an ASP.Net developer in India, leverage every selling point of your business. .Net supports numerous programming languages such as C#, Angular, HTML5, MVC etc.; so, these developers are at least versed in multiple languages.

If you’d want to work with them in future, for other non .Net projects, market your company and emphasize on your technology and its benefits to people. Hire ASP .Net developers that are most enthusiastic working with your company based on your selling points from a technology standpoint.

When you have selected and streamlined your prospective employees, usually, the next step is to interview them to be assured that they are a fit for your project. More so, interviewing the candidates lets you see their communication, which is critical to a successful project delivery and completion.

When interviewing prospective ASP .Net developers, here are a couple of questions you should get them to answer:

  • Describe your similar experiences.

Although this would likely be on their portfolios, you should ask this to judge their enthusiasm regarding projects they’ve handled. Hire dot not programmers that are fully versed in Visual Studio.

  • oWhat is the use of Global.asax?

Global.asax allows you to write code for system-level events every time, without needing unnecessary code on every page.

  • Differentiate between Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer.

Server.Transfer transfers data between web requests on the server end, without sending a response to the browser. However, Response.Redirect sends an HTTP 302 message to the browser and causes a redirect.

  • Explain view state in ASP.Net.

View state is simply data that reserves page values as well as controls Web Forms values during postbacks.

  • Briefly explain the ASP.Net page life cycle.

Candidate should explain this cycle, which includes page requesting, start, initialization, load, postback event handling, rendering, and unload.

  • Where do you spend your free time online?

It’s vital to work with programmers who are willing to learn and give back. Look out for candidates that respond to this with useful dot not forums and sites, such as Microsoft ASP.Net forum, Stack Overflow’s .Net community, VB.Net forums, and so on. The best and most committed developers spend time in such places networking, learning, and solving problems.

  • What does postback mean in ASP dot net?

Whenever a user takes an action that sends data from a webpage to the server via a POST, submitting a form for instance, a postback happens.

You might opt to go through the normal process of interviewing candidates for your offshore ASP .Net development. However, a more effective method is to engage them on a trial project. This reveals a lot about the ASP.Net developer, as you can observe their work ethic, attention to detail, how they work under pressure and within deadlines, creativity, problem-solving, and many more.

This demo project could be something as straightforward as writing an ASP.Net script to send an email. Further, auditioning allows you to discover all these essential attributes of your applicants without having to commit them to long-term partnerships.

On a final note, to hire a great virtual Indian ASP .Net MVC developer, we advise that you never settle for less than you desire. This is because there are superb freelance programmers in India. You might discover only during (or after) the auditioning that he or she does not fit your company. It seems late, but you should try again and again until you find the perfect candidate. When you find a good Indian Dot Net developer, stick with them.

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