Remote Hiring & Selection Process

The secret sauce of finding you the high-quality digital talent

Whilst ‘remote recruiting’ or ‘remote staff augmentation’ might seem like quite a new term because of COVID-19, the term has actually been around for a while. In fact, BorderlessMind has been hiring high-quality remote talent and building engineering teams/PODs in this way since 1999, so we have had years of perfecting the hiring process and can now share our approach with clients to help them build amazing remote teams and engineering PODs.

BorderlessMind finds the high-quality talent by continually recruiting and focusing on personality and alignment with our culture as a first step. We are able to narrow candidates down by how well they align with our ethos, as well as their technical skills. Take a look at the steps broken down:

Personality and culture fit

The first interview seeks to assess their character type and get to know the candidate a little better. The interview should be carried out in a conversational style, however it is currently done completely remotely over ZOOM. Usually it is done over a cup of coffee or tea in our offices. This stage is about spotting the right talent and getting to know their personality and culture fit.

Narrow down based on core values

Once we’ve collected some of the best talent, we run personality tests and assessments to see whether the potential candidates meet the core values and culture fit (or character fitment) for the organization and have the required maturity for the specified role.

Technical or non-technical skill assessment

We then narrow down by conducting technical tests, live screening to assess the problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, creativity, and level of competency in that skill.

Top grading leadership candidates

We use Top Grading - an interview technique that gives a comprehensive picture of a candidate’s professional background and personality. Top grading involves a more thorough screening where we dig deeper for a candidate's professional achievements, past successes, failures in each role of their career journey that led to their current skills, knowledge, and values. The top grading approach helps to uncover the true characteristics of the potential employee.

Continued pursuit of excellence

We are not only looking for candidates to meet our criteria, we’re looking for a continued pursuit of excellence in everything they do. We assess our best candidate’s ability to keep their skills sharp and what their mind-set is around investing in themselves to become better every day. This is a very important criteria for us since we work in a fast-paced environment and industry and skills become redundant very fast, if the candidate does see investing in themselves as important as we do.

Candidates accept and are onboarded

The next step is a grand finale of our process, whereby we offer the candidate an offer letter and a contract and they accept (excitedly!). The candidates who accept the offer and are successful are then onboarded into our organization remotely.

How does BorderlessMind hire the TOP talent? What sets BorderlessMind apart?

First things first, BorderlessMind gets over 500,000 job applicants a year. After a very strict hiring, interviewing and evaluation process, less than 5% of job applicants are hired – these are the top software developers, QA engineers, architects, DevOps engineers, and cloud consultants that become part of the BorderlessMind tribe and solve complex problems for our clients.

Our hiring process involves general HR round, culture fitment assessment, technical tests, logic tests, aptitude testing and personality testing, and after due diligence and background verification we are able to hire the top talent.

Conversely, for a highly creative role, a logic test might not be important. In some cases it may even benefit the candidate not to be in the top 5% on a logic test, as this may indicate that there’s more brainpower dedicated to creativity and lateral thinking.

Needless to say, at BorderlessMind we are hiring only the Top 5% of IT and Non-IT Talent in not only in India but other parts of the Globe, East Asia, East Europe, Latin America and Americas. We are also constantly tuning up the hiring process and methods to ensure we are only bringing the best IT and Non-IT talent to work for you.

How does BorderlessMind ensure technical roles are fulfilled in a record time?

Many highly technical roles can be effectively placed in remote teams in a record time. This is because often popular roles like software development, back-end, full-stack developer, QA engineer and mobile app development roles are being pre-filtered and only the most qualified candidates are being added to our database after going through our rigorous hiring process.

Within the BorderlessMind hiring process we always have a very clear vision of the kinds of people we’re looking for to join our company culture and skills they should possess. We understand fully what results and outcomes the business is trying to achieve, and are able to shortlist ideal candidates to solve the complex problems they may have. Ideal candidates should have demonstrated a history of being self managed and accomplished.

Hiring the top talent is all about the right pairings

Just like a fine pinot noir and fillet steak, the top talent requires the right pairing of the role, company and talent. One candidate might have the perfect skills, but if they don’t connect with the role and core values of the company, then they will not be in the top talent, even if their technical skills might be.

Everyone has a unique set of soft and hard skills that will flourish when placed in the right environment. It is the job of the hiring manager to find the top talent within the specific environment of the hiring role and the company in question. This is how you find the top talent.

Defining a talent pool as the top talent relies on knowing exactly what jobs and roles the talent will excel at, and ensuring that this is the kind of role you’re looking to fill. It is entirely possible that everyone could be in the top talent pool for some specific skill, in a specific company.

The key to a healthy work culture and happy employees is finding the top talent for each role and placing them in it. Mapping a passionate candidate's skills onto a specific role is the key to effective hiring, and the secret to finding the top talent.

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