10 Influential Females To Follow In The Tech Space 

Are you looking for inspiration from females leading the way in the tech space? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At BorderlessMind, we work with some amazing women who are pioneers in their industry. We wanted to share the women who inspire and motivate us to be better professionals.

Without further ado, take a look at the 10 influential females to follow in the tech space right now!

Recently becoming one of tech’s only female billionaires, Whitney Wolfe is a pioneer in her field. Having founded Bumble only 6 years ago in 2014, her company has gone from strength to strength by applying the magic of technology to the dating world. She is an inspiring female to follow, and as a working mom and self starter, she really is the epitome of a self made billionaire!

  • Susan Wojcicki

Susan is one of the tech space’s most influential women, having been the 16th employee at Google and now being the CEO of YouTube. She is a marketing genius, with the experience of creating some of the top global tech companies and supporting their growth. Follow her on Twitter to stay up to date with her career and find inspiration in her wise words.

  • Joanna Stern 

As a journalist, writer and content producer, Joanna creates articles and videos on the latest tech trends that inform and inspire the masses. Her current post at The Wall Street Journal has seen her manage her own column, as well as regularly create video content that explains the fast moving tech world to everyone from beginners to tech moguls. She’s certainly one to watch.

  • Padmasree Warrior

As the ex-Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Cisco, Padmasree has a huge level of knowledge and tech know-how. She’s a board member of Spotify and Microsoft, and is renowned as one of the most powerful women in tech. These days she has her own company – Fable – a platform that offers a kind of online book club whereby people can read, discover and discuss books. 

  • Rebecca Garcia 

Rebecca is an ex-Senior Developer at Squarespace and founder of a Coding app that teaches young people to code! She is a passionate advocate for the tech profession and currently holds a position as Program Manager at Facebook. Follow her on LinkedIn for the latest updates and inspiring tech news.

  • Caitlin Smallwood

Caitlin works in an area of tech that is traditionally very male dominated – data. She is currently VP of data and insights at Netflix, having worked at the organisation for 10 years. Read her latest Stanford article on data driven content and the power of storytelling.

  • Neha Narkhede

Narkhede is an inspiring tech icon to follow for awesome insights. She worked at Linkedin as a senior software engineer and then as principal software engineer before founding her own company, so she’s got her finger on the pulse when it comes to all things software engineering. She currently serves as CTO of Confluence – the business data platform she created.

  • Monica Rogati

Monica Rogati is renowned as a genius of tech. Armed with a PhD, as well as incredible hands on experience as a LinkedIn Data Scientist and VP of data at Jawbone, Monica is a great woman in tech to follow if you’re looking for information on AI and data science.

  • Fei-Fei Li

If you have an interest in AI, then Fei-Fei Li is an amazing woman to follow. Dr Fei Fei is a pioneer in healthcare and AI, as well as a Stanford professor so she shares some incredibly insightful content regarding how AI can be used for good.

  • Indi Young

Indi Young specialises in UX and design strategy. She has worked in the tech space for over 25 years, and throughout that time has helped businesses channel their data analysis to create design that solves the user’s problems. She offers a range of courses and regularly shares insights over on her website.


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