5 easy steps to improve your remote work lifestyle

Remote work is becoming the norm. So much so that 74% of professionals expect remote work to become standard, according to recent studies

In line with these expectations, remote workers are also looking for new ways to make their at-home-office environment more exciting. As an employer, it’s crucial to understand your employees remote work needs, and to offer solutions that make their remote lifestyle better.

The remote work lifestyle can be incredible when done right. In this article we’re looking at 5 easy steps to improve your remote work lifestyle.

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Moving your body is so good for you! Not only physically, but mentally too. Exercise helps get your blood pumping, and moves oxygen to the brain which can help you feel more alert. Getting a workout in when you’re working remotely is a sure fire way to improve your efficiency and boost your mood as you work from home.

Setting up your space so that you allow some room for a workout mat that is separate from your working space is ideal. Having that mental switch between your workout and work can really motivate you to get moving and improve your remote work lifestyle.

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  • Move your office furniture regularly

Novelty is a very powerful mood booster, and experts suggest that rearranging furniture can increase your energy and put you in a good mood. We’ve all experienced that lovely feeling straight after moving furniture around when your space feels brand new. By rearranging your office every now and again you can improve your remote work routine.

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  • Use productivity apps to keep you accountable

Productivity apps can be amazing when you need a little motivation to keep you accountable. Whether you need productivity hacks, notebook style project management tools, or timers that remind you to start on a new task, a selection of productivity tools can improve your remote work lifestyle and make working alone ten times easier. Check out this TechRadar article that showcases some of the best productivity tools on the market.

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  • Engage with colleagues 

When you’re working in the office, it’s so easy to take human interaction for granted. Being able to connect with the people that you work with face to face can be such a blessing, and when that is taken away the remote work lifestyle can get tough.

Be sure to schedule regular catch ups and check-ins with your teammates, and even organise to go to the office on the same days where possible (ie – if you’re working in the office, or using a hybrid model).

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  • Schedule your meal times 

When you work remotely it can be so easy to let your eating schedule go. Normally when working with other people we have to have breakfast before work, lunch at a similar time and then dinner later in the day when we get home. However, remote working flips that on its head.

Planning your meal times and sticking to a 2 hour window will help you create routine and build a sense of normality into your remote work lifestyle. Aiming to eat breakfast before you start work is a great ritual that is healthy for both your body and mind.


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