Hire A Remote Team In 4 Easy Steps

We recently provided a guide to hiring remote talent in India, but now we’re making that much easier by allowing you to hire a remote team in 4 easy steps. This new addition to our website will make it very easy to hire top talent and get the ball rolling almost immediately.

When you’re keen to get a project off the ground or need emergency help, sometimes you can’t wait for an outsourcing company to get back to you. That’s why we created this easy-to-use consultation form on our website, to help you get your team hired almost immediately.

Connect With Top Talent – Hassle Free!

We notice that for businesses of all sizes, outsourcing can often feel like a hassle. That’s where BorderlessMind comes in to make the process seamless. We want to connect top companies with top talent from across the globe, so we’ve added an easy-to-use form to our website so that we can understand your needs and provide a solution quickly and easily. 

This new addition to the site aims to provide a risk-free introduction to BorderlessMind and a way for your company to contact top talent easily and safely. All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for, and we do all the leg work for you. Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll have someone from the BorderlessMind team working to outsource global talent on your behalf. It really is that simple!

Outsource In 4 Simple Steps 

Step 1: Tell us the skills you’re looking for

Whether you need people with development, cloud, testing, or RPA skills, we’ve got you covered. The people we work with go through an intense interview process where they are tested for suitability to both the project and the company ethos. At BorderlessMind, one of the key things that we test people for is personality and suitability to the company they’re working for. So rest assured, once your outsourcing is in our hands, you’ll be paired with talent that has the necessary skills and a shared ethos.

Step 2: Help us understand more about your project

When a company partners with BorderlessMind, we consider ourselves an extension of your team. For this reason, it is really important that we get as much information as possible on your project. Even the mundane details are important to us – how long you anticipate it to run for, what kind of talent you think would suit your team, whether you need a couple of professionals or a fully developed team etc. Share as much as possible with us, so that we can best understand your needs.

Step 3: Share your details with us

We’ll ask you to share business details like company name and contact information so that we can get in touch. It’s important to all of us that communication lines are strong, so from the outset, we like to reach out and introduce ourselves as we work on outsourcing your team.

Step 4: Allow us to conduct interviews and find the talent you need

Once we get the go-ahead from your side, we will commence finding the ideal talent for your project. We will utilize our talent hub to find the person or team of people, you’re looking for and if we can’t already locate them we will recruit new talent and conduct detailed interviews

Hire The Top 5% Of Talent With BorderlessMind 

  • Not sure if a remote team would best fit your company culture? 
  • Haven’t found a remote talent that matches your requirements? 
  • Want to learn more about how BorderlessMind can help?

BorderlessMind matches businesses with the top 5% of talent globally and can assist you as you build your remote team. Take a look at the new hiring section of our website here. Alternatively, if you’re keen to discuss your plans with us before you start building out your remote team, you can book a no-obligation consultation now.



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