How To Onboard A Remote Worker Or Tech Talent

Working with remote workers and new tech talent can be really exciting. For many, it marks the growth of their business and the start of an outsourcing revolution that will help their business expand.

However, when using remote workers, it’s essential that they are on-boarded correctly so that they are able to do the best work possible. We’re sharing our knowledge on how to onboard remote workers most effectively to help them flourish with your company.

Speak Face To Face (Over Video)

When you work remotely you don’t normally get the chance to chat face to face, however face to face over video camera is still a great way to connect. Often, remote workers can feel like they don’t get to know the person they report to because they haven’t spoken in real time over video. 

To combat this, be sure to set up a call with your new recruits prior to their start date to get to know one another and build a rapport. Emails are great for keeping on top of everything, but if you really want to build up that personal connection, it’s best to connect via WhatsApp call, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any video calling platform before they begin working for you.

Create A Welcome Package

When someone starts remotely, it’s essential that you get them invested in your business. Ideally, you want them to become an extension of your team and the best way to do this is to send them a welcome package and get them excited about their role within your organisation.

Company Swag helps to create a sense of belonging and will enable you to welcome them into your team on a more personal and informal level. Sending them a note to say welcome and some company themed items will give them a little boost before they even start working for you.

Arrange Virtual Lunches 

When you work remotely, it can sometimes be hard to build the friendly relationships that are so crucial to a positive company culture. To decrease this risk when you onboard remote workers in your team, invite them to virtual lunches with the rest of the team to help them get to know the people they work with.

Building relationships early is often the best way to integrate them into your team and ensure that there aren’t any communication blocks later down the line.

Have Frequent Check Ins

Weekly check ins with remote workers ensure that you can minimise anxiety and keep everyone working together smoothly. During the early stages of remote working, it can be effective to have weekly 1-1s with regular feedback and coaching.

This not only ensures that work is carried out to the highest standard, but it also shows your new recruit that you care about their development and respect their work. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a newly on-boarded remote worker is the gift of your time.

Assign Them A Work Buddy

Assigning your new remote worker a buddy will help them integrate into the company and stay up to date with what’s going on within the organisation.

This will not only give them more confidence and offer them an ear to run things past, but it shows them that they are very welcome within the organisation and that their work matters. A work buddy helps them get to speed quickly, and with someone to show them the ropes your remote tech talent will be able to excel in the role much more easily.

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