Popular Misconceptions About Offshore Data Annotation

As machine learning and AI services become ever more mainstream to IT, the need for annotated data for these applications is rising explosively. Using an offshore data annotation service like that offered by BorderlessMind is a great option to get your project done cheaply and quickly. Unfortunately, stereotypes and misconceptions about outsourcing such work abound.

Hire Offshore Data Annotation Services in India

Here are some of the top myths and misconceptions around outsourcing data annotation-


  1. Huge Language Barrier– Stereotypes about outsourced workers being hard to understand create concerns about the ability of clients to communicate effectively with annotation service providers. The reality is that fluency of communication has improved sharply over the last few years with offshore annotation. Expert-level English language instruction is very in demand and positions at our company are highly competitive-having a strong command of English is essential to working at BorderlessMind. 


  • No Accountability- Sending work overseas creates concerns about who to turn to if the quality of work isn’t satisfactory. In the past, some offshore services did suffer from inefficient email based communication systems or confusing phone services. But any high-end annotation service like ours can be reached directly by phone at +1-888-267-3375 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When it comes to your project, the buck stops with us.


  • Missed Timeliness– Being disconnected from an operation raises anxiety about deadlines being honored due to a management disconnect. But the marketplace of offshore data annotation is far too competitive for legitimate providers to mess up deadlines. Our services are guaranteed to be on time, and we have the most effective, consistent workflow timing in the industry, carefully overseen by our project managers.


  • Poor Consistency– Tying into the concern about management disconnect is the issue of quality control. Offshore operations have a reputation for uneven quality, based off of outdated understandings of staff capability and training. We work tirelessly to see that our employees have mastered data annotation and image annotation before they ever interact with a customer’s project-we only take the top 5% of applicants- and maintain full oversight of the quality of their individual work. We own our responsibilities to our clients 100%.


  • Low Transparency– Knowing who you are working with and where they stand is vital to establishing trust. Offshore data annotators have a reputation for being black boxes with little information available about their operations. We are completely open about our over 20 years in the IT industry, where we are based in New Delhi, India, and how we work at BorderlessMind-get to know us with our FAQ-https://www.borderlessmind.com/faqs/


  • Bad Data and IP security– Data is a precious commodity that can take years of effort to gather and safeguarding that data from competitors or bad actors is a major concern when using remote services. At BorderlessMind, we never sell data sent over by our clients as part of data or text annotation to third parties, and respect IP protection at all times. All connections through our website use top of the line encryption to ensure that your data stays safe from hackers.


  • Poor Dispute resolution– Concerns abound about dealing with bureaucratic systems and confusing chains of responsibility when an issue with a project crops up. We are part of an over 20-year-old team of IT professionals, and our Outsource Coordinator is always on call to discuss deficiencies or weaknesses in our work. While virtually all our clients are delighted with the quality and consistency of our work, our Outsource Coordinator will not stop until the job is completed to your satisfaction, guaranteed.


  •  Lack of Professionalism– An unfortunate side effect of the “Wild West” period of offshore IT and data annotation was the prevalence of services that took advantage of customer trust and used time connected to them to push unrelated services. This kind of “cross sales” tactic is absolutely forbidden in our organization-any employee overheard trying to sell a third-party service to our customers on the job will be harshly punished, up to being fired. We are here to do the job you hired us to do, not to push third party services. 


  • Need to Commit-If one thing in IT is constant, it’s how inconstant it is. Markets and opportunities involving data annotation can come and go very quickly and getting locked into a rigid contract when services the contract covers have lost importance or relevance can be frustrating and costly, especially to a small business. But we have a strong Free Trial option for just such occasions-allowing you a graceful exit due to changing conditions.


Using your assets effectively is essential to staying relevant in the ruthless and ultracompetitive world of machine learning. Here at BorderlessMind, we offer top-notch data annotation services at affordable prices to give you a leg up on the competition. So, hire image annotation, text annotation, medical annotation talent directly from BorderlessMind. We have decades of experience in delivering top-notch results from our data annotation experts to our clients at rock-bottom prices. Visit us today to book our services and hire offshore data annotator right now.


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