Top 6 Influencers for Digital Transformation on LinkedIn

Nothing has become more apparent over the past few months than the fact that digital transformation has the ability to save businesses. Moreover, this period has meant that those businesses that haven’t invested in digital transformation have suffered and been left wishing that they had embarked on the digital journey sooner.

If you’re wanting to learn more about digital transformation and discover how you can keep up with the digital world, there are some great inspirational creators out there who are sharing their opinions on digital transformation. Follow these influencers if you want to expand your content pool and learn more about digital transformation.

Isaac Sacolick

Author and founder of a digital transformation business, Issac Sacolick is a great influencer to follow for inspiration and know-how. He is always sharing insights and recommendations on how businesses can drive smarter, faster, and more innovative transformation programs leveraging data, analytics, software, automation, and emerging technology.

His Amazon bestseller book ‘Driving Digital’ offers the blueprint on how to change your business in order to keep up with the ever-evolving digital world, and his social channels follow in that vein.

Brian Solis

Brian is an all rounder when it comes to business digital transformation. Being the Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, he helps many businesses overcome digital challenges and streamline their digital processes.

As well as having an amazing hands on background, he’s also an 8x best-selling author, international keynote speaker and digital anthropologist. Forbes has called him “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time.” He is a great influencer to follow for intelligent insights on digital transformation.

Rob Llewellyn

Rob is the CEO of CXO Transform – a digital transformation company that helps to create profitable transformations that encourages businesses to leverage their digital options.

Taking advantage of new and affordable digital economy opportunities that increase revenues is his speciality, so following him is a sure fire way to feel inspired and excited by the ways that digital can benefit your business.

Maggie Fox

Maggie is a corporate and not-for-profit board director and business advisor to high-growth companies. She spends a lot of time speaking on digital transformation at events, and takes the lead when it comes to digital business ventures. In fact, Maggie founded the world’s first social media consultancy, so she isn’t afraid of diving into innovative and new technologies.

She’s a great influencer to follow for the latest news and trends, as well as opinion and insight on important digital transformation topics.

Craig Brown

Dr. Craig Brown is a top Techpreneur and Technology expert covering 30+ years of various technological and innovative projects for top fortune 1000 companies. He is an ideal influencer for those looking to learn more about the tech landscape.

His expertise lies in Big Data, Database, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science, and he has a knack for breaking down these difficult topics for public consumption.

Rishi Khanna

Rishi Khanna is a serial Technology Entrepreneur, Digital Transformation, Enterprise AI and Outsourcing expert covering 21+ years of innovative labs, rapid digital transformation and outsourcing programs for funded startups, medium to large enterprises.

He is an ideal influencer for those looking to learn more about Emerging Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Migration, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cyber Security and establishing remote teams.

Are you ready to get your business started with a digital transformation? Perhaps you simply want to learn more about how emerging technologies can boost your business? We’d love to chat things through and see how BorderlessMind can assist.

BorderlessMind Founder and CEO is also the founder of ISHIR – a rapid digital transformation company. You can follow him on LinkedIn for his weekly insights and blog articles.


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