Top Questions That Clients Ask Us About Remote Working

As a leading remote talent agency promoting remote working since 1999, we get asked a lot of questions about remote working. For many businesses, remote working has never been an option as a serious full-time solution. Rather, it’s been a kind of afterthought.

However, as the world has adapted to COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are getting used to the idea of working remotely and are opening their eyes to the many benefits of outsourcing. 

If people are already working remotely, it makes no sense to confine your talent pool to a certain area. Slowly, the world is coming to accept that the larger your geographical area is, the more talent you will be able to capture (and usually at a better price too!). 

The digital revolution that we’re experiencing has meant that it is now common practice for everyone to be working online and therefore keeping in touch and keeping a digital trace is becoming more and more easy. We want to run through some of the top questions that clients ask us about remote working, to help you decide if it could be right for you and your business.

1. How Do You Communicate If You Work Remotely?

Surprisingly, many companies have realized that working remotely doesn’t hinder their communications. With digital communications becoming more and more advanced, and companies outsourcing having the benefit of an agileproject manager on staff, we’re seeing those businesses are able to communicate very well remotely using a combination of digital channels and remote agile project managers and scrum masters.

2. Is Remote Working Cost Effective?

Yes, for a few reasons. Not only do you cut on office and operational costs when you work remotely, but you can normally access top talent at lower prices. This is both because people often charge less to work remotely, and also because when you outsource to different parts of the world, you access a cheaper labour market. This means that your business can have the same quality of work for a lower cost.

3. Can You Only Work From Home If You Work In Software Development?

No – many of our top talents from across the globe work in niche areas of custom software development and offer an amazing specialist software development service. In the past, it may have been the case that software development work and execs were the two main areas of remote work, however now that the world of work has evolved we’re seeing that almost every digital role and skill can be done remotely.

4. Do You Have To Have A Time Schedule?

Normally yes, however it’s not compulsory. The key is clear communication to ensure that things get done on time and people don’t double up on work. Having a timeline is a good idea when conducting any online, remote project to set expectations up front.

5. How Do Check Ins Happen When You Work Remotely?

When you work remotely, you may choose to do check ins online over a video call, phone call or even by email. It is not essential that you speak and check in every day when working remotely, however keeping in touch via email is a good idea.

It also helps to use online project management platforms such as Jira, Slack, Asana, 10K and Monday in order to manage your time and keep on top of everyone’s workload.

6. Is It Online Employees Who Work Remotely?

No, if you’re looking to outsource a remote team, you do not always need to employ them. Sometimes people choose to work as a contractor, freelancer and remote employee, or work with an outsourcing company in order to create a remote team.

When you use a company to outsource, you’ll find that it can be easier than hiring one full-time employee as you benefit from a team of skilled professionals who can offer a more holistic service for the exact amount of time you need them for leveraging the best practices.

For more information on the BorderlessMind service, take a look at our FAQs. Plus, if you’re looking to read up on the latest industry insights.


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