Top Remote Hiring Sites and Platforms to Find Remote Talent

So, you’ve established that your business needs to make some changes to keep up with the remote working revolution. That’s great! The next step is to find remote talent to help you become a hybrid or remote first company.

Finding said talent can be easier than it sounds – especially in a world where every business is looking to hire remote talent.

Luckily for you, there are a wealth of sites that are able to offer access to freelancers and contract workers who can work remotely for your company. We’re summing up some of the best sites and platforms to connect with remote talent.

Naturally, first up is us! BorderlessMind is less of a one off platform or site, and more of a holistic partner when you’re looking to hire remote talent. The BorderlessMind team takes the stress out of finding and managing remote talent, so that you can smash through your projects while working with the best remote talent.

When you work with BorderlessMind, you gain access to the top 5% of talent who go through a stringent vetting process to make it onto our platform. This means that by the time you are connected with the talent pool, you know that they have been hand picked. 

We connect businesses with the best professionals, such as developers (software, mobile, web), software testers, IT, cloud, UX UI designers, digital marketing experts, and back office skilled resources. BorderlessMind offers a risk-free way to build remote teams rapidly.

  • Forums 

Forums are a little known resource that can be extremely valuable. If you’re looking to find remote talent, you need to go to the places where they will be – this means forums and social sites where the talent are posting about their work. 

Forums are the perfect halfway point between job sites and social media, and offer the chance for you to connect with talent on a human level. Most forums will have a community job section, where people can add their live roles or offer their skills.

Depending on the skills you’re looking to hire, you can head to forums like StackOverflow, Byte and CodeCall to find your remote team. Upsides to forums are that they’re free and allow you to go directly to the talent to make human connections.

However, be aware that the downsides are that you can be sifting through talent for an age looking for the right people. Plus, because of its unfiltered nature you could me susceptible to fraudsters or people who don’t have the skills they say they do. Use forums to do your research, but be aware that working with remote talent from these forums can be more unpredictable than other methods.

  • Freelancing Platforms

There are so many really great freelancing platforms out there that will help you find talent, and also help you organize communication, invoicing, output etc. Whilst many of these freelance services will take a hefty cut, often it makes sense for businesses who are looking for one off jobs.

Freelancing platforms aren’t really the place where you’re going to forge long term partnerships and start to build your remote team. This is purely because they are transactional platforms, and many people who work on these freelancing sites prefer to work within the gig economy. They don’t like being tied down for longer periods than one off projects, so it can be great for short term fixes but not so ideal when you’re looking to build a long term team.

Some of the best freelancing sites out there are:

The dots is a great network of like minded individuals, and is especially helpful if you’re looking for creative professionals. The Dots is used by top businesses to work with remote teams.

Similar to the dots, TopTal is a freelance marketplace whereby remote workers can advertise their services and be picked up by companies. Everyone from startups to multi national companies use TopTal.

UpWork stands out from the crowd by offering their Talent Scout service which connects businesses with recruiters who can find specialized talent in the area they’re looking for. UpWork is one of the biggest freelance marketplaces, and caters to all kinds of businesses looking for all kinds of skills.

Fiverr is another top player in the freelance space, providing top talent at discounted rates. Fiverr is particularly popular with younger brands and startups, looking to connect with people who can help them build their brand. By providing a communication forum that can connect talent with companies to collaborate, they are able to build teams.

  • Remote Work Job Boards

Just like with any normal job, if you’re looking to hire a serious full-time or part-time role, then job boards can be the best way. With remote work on the rise, it is becoming more and more common to see jobs advertised as fully remote placements. In fact, many candidates prefer seeing a fully remote role and post-COVID don’t really think anything of it. It is the norm!

In this sense, posting to job boards to hire a role can be a great idea. Some of the best remote job boards are FlexJobs, WeWorkRemotely and JustRemote. These job boards do a great job at connecting global talent, however if you’re looking for people in your time zone, it can also be a good idea to consider local job boards. While they can seem old fashioned, many local job boards will be able to boost your posts and may offer opportunities to the local remote community.

  • LinkedIn And Social Media

Don’t forget that many remote professionals are very active on LinkedIn and social media these days, so they can be a great option to find remote talent. As the gig economy thrives, people realize that their social networks are more powerful than ever to find project to project work.

Try posting your remote work on LinkedIn, whether on a company profile or personal profile to connect with remote talent. The LinkedIn algorithm is still very favorable, and when you use hashtags and gather engagement on your posts you can see huge reach. This is an amazing way to reach out to your network and beyond to build a remote team you can really trust.

Social media is also an amazing tool when it comes to remote talent, as many people are on social media non stop. If you have a company profile, why not post a creative and unique post asking people to share your remote working opportunity. This will have a dual purpose of not only helping you connect with remote talent, but will also give you free brand coverage. It’s a win win!

Start Hiring A Remote Team With BorderlessMind

We might be biased, but we still think we have the best offering on the market when it comes to finding a remote team. With our latest technology, you can access the top talent from the comfort of your computer. Simply fill in the details of who and what you’re looking for and we will pair you with the people you need to succeed in your project or venture.

Start your search for remote talent today, or schedule a call with us today to discover the potential your business has to start building a remote team.


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  1. Was aware of remote hiring sites like The Dots, TopTal, UpWork but the forums mentioned in the article are something to look for.

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