Why Will Full Stack Developers Be The Game-changers in 2023?

Many businesses and startups have begun to hire smarter and more skilled talents to meet the needs of their clients. On the other hand, clients are becoming more educated while bringing specific requirements, which means only skilled programmers can meet the deliverables when working on client projects. 

This is where full-stack developers become instrumental. 

In the coming months of 2023, working and addressing client feedback will be crucial as the expectations of client businesses continue to increase. Meanwhile, software development trends are continuously evolving, and even the most talented IT professionals and software engineers will need to keep up with the evolving requirements in 2023. It just so happens that the nature of a full-stack developer’s responsibilities forces them to be highly adept at adjusting to challenges and changing technical situations. This makes them ideal for the days and projects ahead. But don’t take our word for it. 

Here are some compelling reasons why full-stack developers are poised to become the game-changers IT landscape next year. 

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a software specialist who can work on both the front-end and back-end of a website. Most IT professionals are familiar with the majority of programming languages and can assist you in bringing your minimum viable product to market. 

When launching a website or API application, techpreneurs typically need the services of a full-stack developer for the crucial MVP stage. Many startups set off with a minimum viable product (MVP) before going on to develop web products. This is the phase where you get to put the features of your idea into action, taking into account user input from the discovery phase. 

Prior to the formal launch, the MVP stage can enable you to fine-tune your product to meet user expectations. Additional functionalities are added to the product after successfully delivering it to the user. MVP will assist you in determining whether or not you should pursue the development of a full-fledged product based on your concept. This is the recommended course of action since it reduces the possibility of product failure upon launch.

And if you know how to leverage the skills of a qualified full stack developer, such an IT professional can play a central role during this MVP stage. Here are some of the benefits of the full-stack developer when developing your minimum viable product.

6 Vital Benefits of Recruiting Full Stack Developers During MVP Stage

Full-stack developers are all-around-the-corner specialists. They have extensive knowledge and awareness of the various aspects of application development and know which process is appropriate for meeting project needs. They would inform you whether your app idea is feasible or not, and they would also provide you with helpful advice on how to improve the project plan.

Takes Charge of Design Structure

Full-stack developers are no strangers to MVP development procedures. They understand how to work with codes and user interface designs. As a result, they are multi-purpose assets for an MVP development company.

Front-end And Back-end Expertise

A full-stack developer is an expert in both front-end and back-end programming. This allows him to switch between the client and server and vice versa effortlessly. They never compromise on product quality and stay updated on the latest innovations. In MVP app development, MVP product development, or MVP software development, the front-end developer is also fully aware of the outcomes and any concerns.

Turns Out to be More Cost-effective

Hiring a full-stack developer to build the MVP product will be cost-effective, and you should focus on finding one if you have budgetary restrictions. That’s because you won’t have to engage other specialist developers or designers to see the MVP projects to completion. 

Speedily Completion of Projects

Full-stack developers can work individually or in groups. This makes it easier to share work responsibilities among the individuals, and they are better equipped to collaborate to achieve the most significant results. As a result, the job is completed on time.

Responsibility Take Full Charge of The Project

It is much easier to hand over project ownership to the full-stack developer. They can take full responsibility for the MVP stage from beginning to end or join the project in the middle. You don’t need to explain what MVP app development or MVP software development is all about because they already know from their own experiences.

Maintenance And Update is Straightforward

Because full-stack developers are well-versed in the most recent methodologies, maintaining and updating the MVP becomes easier, increasing the likelihood of favorable feedback from potential clients.

You can outsource your project to an expert full-stack developer if your startup has full confidence in your idea and is ready to give it a shot. In the end, it’s a viable approach to dealing with the rising cost of developer talent.

The Rising Cost of Programmer And Developer Talent

Currently, even non-profits and small businesses know the importance of having a digital presence, but the sophistication required to maintain this presence keeps increasing. Unfortunately, the skills necessary to create and manage even the most basic apps are in short supply – at least in comparison to the ever-growing demand for them. 

This is due to an increase in the number of companies that need software developers and the rising complexity of applications (several platforms, uses, etc.). As the industry moves along, these issues are exacerbated by the surge in malware and cybersecurity concerns. 

So what are the figures?

Even small apps take a considerable amount of time to create. The time it takes to design an app for Apple devices is 70-140 hours; for Android smartphones, that’s 90 to 170 hours. If you’re looking to launch a game app, this time increases to over 550 hours on Android and 420 hours for Apple. 

As per the 2015 records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a computer programmer’s average wage was $84,360 in the United States. The top 25% of earners take home an average of $103,570, while the earnings of the bottom 25% are $60,250. This does not take into consideration stock options or other rewards that are common in today’s tech organizations. With a number of $57.23, Washington state had the highest hourly wage.

So What’s the average cost of product development in the tech world? 

The figure ranges between 10,000 to 30,000 depending on the scope and complexity of the project. These rising costs sum up as the primary drivers of outsourcing product development. So here is why the full-stack developer stands out among the various outsourcing options in the months ahead. 

Cutting Down Product Development Cost in 2023

It has been established that a full-stack developer can handle front-end, back-end, database, and some areas of marketing work as needed. This eliminates the need for professionals from many fields to contribute to the development process. It immediately removes the need for a large team of experts and consolidates everything into one location, saving money on hiring and management.

They may assist with more than simply the web app development process. This is due to their ability to contribute significantly to other aspects of the project. This could involve the following:

  • Identifying and resolving difficulties that arise during and after the development
  • They have the know-how to ensure that software is updated and maintained throughout its lifecycle.
  • They are capable of identifying and resolving any security issues.

This provides a substantial amount of management and control, which can be lost when working on a project with a large crew. As a result, they will take the necessary precautions from the start of the project.

A full-stack developer is also aware of the resources at their disposal. This will allow them to plan ahead of time before beginning the job, anticipating any requirements and potential complications.

The entire procedure will be performed in a substantially shorter amount of time. Their knowledge of a wide range of software development procedures enables them to work quickly and effectively.

Some Major Challenges of Hiring Full-stack Developers

But collaborating with full-stack developers isn’t without some risks, regardless of the impressive cost advantage. It can be tricky to maintain quality and keep an eye on security issues such as business espionage and malware – particularly if subcontractors will be assigned the actual work. 

Also, cultural miscommunication can lead to substantial schedule delays and low-quality code. If the contract is terminated, clients are left with little internal expertise or actual ownership of their product. The entrepreneur and the outsourced development team may create a knowledge gap resulting from sourcing development. This gap could further hinder clients from providing excellent product support and responding promptly to user feedback. 

Ultimately, this lack of agility sends ripples that affect your competitiveness in certain markets to a large extent. 

To counteract these possible drawbacks to working with full-stack developers, here are some tips to finding the perfect full-stack talent in the months to come. 

Tips to Assessing And Hire Full-Stack Developers

As established, finding full-stack developers for hire can bring challenges if you don’t take the right approach. First, you should know what a full-stack developer is and the scope of their responsibilities. Next, you have to precisely and adequately outline your project requirements, making them as comprehensive as possible. 

Once you know what you want from your project, you can use the following tips to hire remote full-stack developers for your outsourced project. 

  • Jot down every project deliverable: Before you hire a developer, compile a document with all of your project specifications. You can use full-stack development to enable MVP development, control the client and server sides of an app, and even speed up project delivery.
  • Check for certain qualities – Your ideal full-stack developer should have the following attributes: 
  • Knowledge of numerous technologies and the ability to drive the project in the appropriate direction, grasp the issues faced by the customer, and operate per the company’s vision
  • They must be well-versed in the field and have prior expertise. Should be very adaptable and reachable. When necessary, can switch between many projects to assist teams in various areas.
  • Lookout for project management skills – Full-stack programmers with project management experience are remarkable. Chances are, ordinary development teams won’t fully comprehend all of the technical aspects of the project. Experienced full-stack developers, on the other hand, can manage technical teams and even lead projects. They can even recognize different stages of development and provide detailed timelines for the resources engaged in a project.
  • Base hiring decisions on technical skills – You want your developer to be well versed in the following technical skills:
      • JavaScript
      • Web architecture
      • HTML and CSS
      • Back-end
      • HTTP and REST, etc
  • Assess understanding of diverse technologies – Your ideal applicant should be well-versed in web services, front-end and back-end programming technologies, as well as database management. The candidate’s competence and knowledge, on the other hand, should not be limited to only understanding technologies; they should also have some hands-on experience working and communicating on various projects.
  • Evaluate previous works in the developer’s portfolio – A seasoned developer should have a solid track record of past development projects. Request that they show you work samples to get a sense of their skills. It does not imply screening out novice developers that are new to the field and eager to learn as they go.
  • Look for in-depth knowledge of the latest tech trends – To implement full-stack projects, a specialized full-stack web developer must be familiar with and equipped with all current and growing technology trends. As technology advances, these programmers must be aware of the demands and expectations of users. They should keep users up to date on the newest trends and technological advancements and incorporate them into their apps.
  • Seek other qualities – A full-stack developer will work on a variety of projects. Thus, they must be familiar with and understand business requirements. They should be familiar with technical jargon and dealing with customers, as this will aid in the clarification of end-user doubts and questions.


Also known as “multi-framework” programmers, full-stack developers are stirring up the programming industry these days. While some businesses and entrepreneurs are yet to recognize the potential of this tech workforce, leading tech companies like Facebook do pay them enviable compensations to do their best work. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your next full-stack developer with BorderlessMind. At BorderlessMind, we look beyond mere skills to secure nothing but the top 5% of full-stack developers and other software talents. 

Learn more about our risk-free approach to building remote software teams today by scheduling a call or free trial. 


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