6 top reasons for startups need to hire offshore talent

Startups often wonder if they should hire an offshore staff to perform certain tasks or to keep them within the organization. As a business owner, it makes sense to make an informed decision. Every startup owner is pressurized from all directions and needs certain directives to help him/her decide to either use staff augmentation services or outsource their product development.

In our last blog titled, Staff Augmentation or IT Project outsourcing model – make an informed decision before you engage with an IT outsourcing services company, we discussed the difference between the staff augmentation and outsourcing your IT project. In this blog, we are giving you the top 6 reasons why we think startups must engage with offshore talent to ease their burden and reach the market with an astounding product/ service offering.

Outsourcing software development

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Competition, investor pressure, lack of budget, lack of time, one-man army or one with limited team members – after working with several startups, we understand that their challenges are unique and different from an established large, mid or small-sized business.

For example, if your startup requires to oblige investors and respect their deadlines, you must work on all possible ways of meeting the objective without compromising on quality. If you need a solution for all the above-mentioned challenges, the answer is to use staff augmentation.

If you find the right people for the project, they will have the passion and the drive and build you an outstanding product or render great services. While choosing a company that can provide you top talent, you must get an attractive price, use latest tools and software, have technical expertise (in case you’re seeking developers), and have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s best and latest practices.

One of the most critical aspects, that startups must consider, is the ability for the staff provider to scale up. If you can find the right partner with the right kind of people, they will readily make staff members available as your extended team if your business grows.

Before you decide if you need to hire an offshore team, consider the following aspects that will help you decide if you need staff augmentation services.

1. Evaluate the required skill set

As a startup owner, you must’ve already hired people from sales, operations, strategy and industry related. To get from the idea to launch phase, you need more people with other skills. If you try to hire people with experience, expertise and skills, it will cost much more than a startup can pay. You need to identify all the skills for which you can engage a staff augmentation company to fulfill the requirement.

2. Identify your business goals

When you build your business strategy, you must identify a few goals (like 3-4) that are relevant and measurable. Set timelines against each of these goals, identify your dependencies and the resources you require.

3. Assess your budget

As a startup, you are constantly faced with the challenge of where to spend your money. The concern of high ROI constantly bothers you. You need to be realistic here. Before outsourcing, take an account of how much are you willing to spend. See if you can outsource right away or if it’s something that you need to consider in the future.

4. Assess your timeline

When you’re a startup, time is of essence to your business requirements. If you’re stripped off time, it’s time to consider offloading some tasks to a specialist. Let someone else take care of your operational duties while you can focus on your core capabilities.

5. Assess your business challenges

It will be helpful if you can identify your top pain areas and find out if an offshore team can help you in such areas. If you use staff augmentation services to hire experts, they will be able to resolve your challenges much faster. They will have new ideas, open mind and an innovative approach to all kinds of challenges.

6. Evaluate if you face the risk of attrition

Startups usually have a high attrition as it takes a long time for them to build the trust of employees. Staff augmentation can be particularly helpful in such a case since your project will never be jeopardized as a resource pool is always available for your business needs.

If you’ve made up your mind and wish to use our staff augmentation services, we’re just a click away.



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