10 most important questions that you must ask to find the best remote workers in US

There are an increasing number of enterprises embracing remote workers. They are using remote workers their productivity, improve their bottom line, and access to a bigger resource pool at lower costs.

Remote Team in US

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If you wish to be sure that you’re hiring the right set of remote workers, I have collated a set of 10 questions that you can ask before hiring the remote team. These questions will help you assess if the candidates are a perfect fit for your requirement.


1. Ask them if they’ve worked as remote worker earlier

The response for this question might not help you find a person with the right skills but can help you find someone with the right kind of experience in similar projects. You can gauge if the person is reliable and aware of working on remote projects. It will help you see if the person is effective in communication, familiar with the tools that are required for effective remote working and if the person is good at self-governance to deliver on-time.

2. You must question the candidates about the IT infrastructure

You need to understand if the staff augmentation company has a reliable and resourceful infrastructure to support your IT needs. You need to ask ways that they will ensure that Internet connection is maintained seamlessly, their data is secure, data storage options and data backup and recovery mechanism.

3. Ask them ways that they resolve conflicts while working remotely

Collaboration and communication are the cornerstone of remote working. The various techniques that are adopted for communication and collaboration can help to resolve the conflicts or issues that occur during the project. You can ask them to give you examples of conflicts that they have addressed in the past.

4. What are tools used for the remote project?

There are several apps (both free and paid) that are available for remote workers. You need to ask them the apps or tools that the remote workers will use for collaboration, email, time management, task management, messaging and video apps and for conferencing.

5. Ask them how they will ensure that they meet the project deadline

One of the biggest concerns with remote workers is the them overrunning the project deadline. Since they work far from your office, they might have the same level of urgency for the project as you do. You can specifically ask and question their task management ability to understand ways that they use to ensure that project is completed on time.

6. Ask them for specific examples where they were able to meet a stringent project deadline

If you ask the remote worker for an example they were able to meet a project deadline, you can evaluate their problem-solving skills and commitment to stay on track. You can understand the different ways that they address challenges and creative ways that they employ to address challenges.

7. Inquire about their working hours

If you work with remote workers who are from the other end of the world, you must ensure that you confirm their working hours. You must agree on meeting time that is convenient for both of you. The remote worker(s) must be flexible to work as per your timings if need be.

8. Assess their problem-solving skills

Remote workers must be independent, problem-solving and self-sufficient professionals. You must consider if they’re able to solve small technical issues themselves or need to escalate everything.

9. Are the remote workers up-to-date with the industry news?

You must ensure that the remote workers keep themselves abreast with the latest industry updates. There’s a lot that is happening in the world of technology so technical remote workers must read and keep themselves updated with the latest happening.

10. Will the remote workers be comfortable to use a time tracking software?

Time tracking software is effective to manage remote workers. You can evaluate their daily and weekly tasks against the project expectations. It helps in a better understanding of what is going on in the project.

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