Image Annotation Project In Your Mind? Worried how to make it work on your AI Platform?

Image annotation is an essential element of AI learning and teaching computers to see the world. More simply put, image annotation uses a human-powered process to annotate an image with labels to help AI components learn to view the world and apply names to what they’re seeing.

The labels provided by human image annotators are pre-determined and are heavily based on what is shown in the image. The number of names varies from project to project, some only requiring one while others require numerous labels within each image. A quality image annotator can use their professional discretion to determine what labels to use and how many are needed.

How Does Image Annotation Work?

To start, you need the images, the human element, and a professional platform for annotating. Most projects begin with outsourcing the pictures to a reliable image annotation service that uses highly trained individuals with extensive experience in annotation.

Before you outsource image annotation services, consider who you will hire.

 While image annotation doesn’t usually require an upper-level degree, as in the case with machine learning and AI, the annotators you choose should be thoroughly trained and should fully understand what is required and what is at stake.

The right image and data annotation company can quickly and efficiently annotate hundreds of images for your AI projects on a platform that is dedicated to the process. The best software has the proper, necessary tools for your company’s specific variation of annotation.

What are Key Points to Consider When Your Outsource Image Annotation Services?

  • Data Verification. You’re here because your AI project is essential to you, and you need to outsource data annotation services, right? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The crucial first point you should consider when choosing which outsource image annotation service to choose is how they will verify your data. Image classification can be tricky, and you need to make sure the company you hire has employees who understand the complexity involved.

The best verification processes you can set up are either double-blind or multi-blind verification. Double-blind includes two individuals who label the same images without first seeing each other’s work. If the labels don’t match, a third-party supervisor can make the final call. In a multi-blind verification process, more than two people annotate an image without seeing each other’s work. Again, the labels are compared, and the proper annotation is chosen.

Each outsource company you consider will have a slightly different annotation process, so do your homework before you settle.

  • Demos and Review. Just like you look at demos and reviews before making simple technology decisions for your company, so should you do the same before you outsource image annotation services. Look into the background of the company, watch all of the offered demo videos, and read reviews on the company’s website and on any third-party websites that you can find.
  • Specialized Qualifications. Make sure you choose best data, image and video annotation service that can handle your specialized needs. Like the step above says, you need to watch demos and read reviews to exactly understand what the company can offer and whether it will work for your AI project. You shouldn’t take any risks at this point.
  • Platform. Not every image annotation platform is made equal. Check whether your desired annotation service provider has a platform or program that can work for your AI or machine learning project without making compromises. Be very specific about what you need and ask questions before you settle with any one company.

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