Want to Use Staff Augmentation for Your IT Projects? Not Sure What the Benefits Are?

One of the hottest trends in the corporate world is using staff augmentation to fill out your IT team without having to add more full-time employees. Staff augmentation isn’t new; it’s been around for decades, usually involving one department manager poaching employees from different departments to fill open positions. These days, staff augmentation is about hiring temporary staff from outside of the company.


The primary purpose of staff augmentation in the IT world is to bring in outside help, whether specialty or not, to get more hands on deck for large projects. It’s often difficult for modern IT companies to complete large or challenging projects without the help of extra hands. If the project requires special skills that the department doesn’t currently include, staff augmentation can provide those skills temporarily, helping the department stay on schedule and meet deadlines.

When Should You Work on an IT Project Outsourcing Model?

Companies usually want to take advantage of staff augmentation when their in-house IT department is overwhelmed by a project and are unsure about meeting deadlines. Challenging projects take up much of your full-time employee’s bandwidth and bringing in outside help can help spread out tasks and reduce the load on individual employees. You can employ staff augmentation to hire IT professionals and allocate resources on a larger scale.

You might also use staff augmentation when a project requires someone with a specific set of skills or knowledge, and the IT team does not currently have someone that fits the bill. You can choose the right experts and hire them temporarily instead of scaling your department up only to wind up with too many employees when you need to scale down.

What are the Benefits of a Quality IT Project Outsourcing Model?

  1. Increased Capacity

Use an IT project outsourcing model to increase your labor force without hiring new full-time employees. You save money over time, and you have the right number of workers for large-scale projects. With staff augmentation, you don’t have to risk getting off schedule or missing deadlines. Boost your current staff with outside, temporary hires to complete projects on time or bring in specialized help.

  • Specialized Skills

You can implement an IT project outsourcing model to hire specialized help for complicated IT projects. If your department finds itself in a sticky situation, needing skills no one on the team possesses, staff augmentation can bring in temporary employees who can help complete the project on time.

  • Flexible Labor

Build a team that is almost entirely comprised of a malleable labor force. Scale the department up when there are significant projects and quickly scale the department down when things start slowing. Use the flexible labor to gain a competitive advantage during busier times and increase your speed to market and your department’s ability to produce new products.

  • New Hires

Use your established IT project outsourcing model to develop valuable contacts within the industry so that when you’re ready to bring on your next full-time staff member, you have multiple quality candidates from which to choose. When you hire temporary help through staff augmentation, you quickly realize which of those employees are qualified for a future position at your company. Use the staff augmentation process as a form of interview or trial period.

Staff augmentation is extremely common, especially in the IT world. Most companies use a staffing agency or remote freelancers to meet their needs — avenues that have been around for a long time. Of course, a quality IT project outsourcing model comes with pros and cons. Still, if you manage your resources correctly, your company can succeed in introducing a staff augmentation process.

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