Is Hiring Offshore Talent Right for Your Startup?

Startups frequently worry whether they should hire offshore employees to execute particular projects or maintain them in-house. Making a calculated decision as a business owner makes sense. Every startup owner is under pressure from all sides, and they want certain guidelines to help them determine whether to hire staffing services or outsource their product development.

Competitiveness, investor pressure, shortage of budget, limited time, one-man army or little staff – after working with multiple startups, we realized that their issues are different and unique from those of well-established large, mid-sized, or small business.

For example, if your company needs to satisfy investors and meet their timelines, you must explore all options for accomplishing the goal without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for a solution to all of the problems listed above, staff augmentation is the way to go.

If you hire proper resources for the job, they’ll have the enthusiasm & drive to create a great product or deliver excellent service. You must acquire a competitive pricing, use the latest tools and software, have technical skills (if you’re looking for developers), and have in-depth understanding of the industry’s finest and current practices when choosing an organization that can provide you with top personnel.

The ability of the staffing agency to scale up is one of the most important factors that entrepreneurs must evaluate. If you identify the appropriate partner with the right personnel, they will easily make employees available as part of your extended team as your company grows.

Why Hire Offshore Talent? Is hiring offshore talent right for your startup?

Let’s get back to why you should hire people from other countries. Keep in mind that you have complete control over your company’s operations. However, you must conduct your own research. What should you know before recruiting offshore developers?

When you’re a startup, you have to think about the costs of doing business all the time. When you’re working on a shoestring budget, you have to be strategic about how you spend your money. Working with offshore talent may be an option in this instance.

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Consider this: a large number of tech businesses have taken advantage of forming an offshore team. Let’s Consider Skype, which established a team in Estonia. Many tech giants, including IBM, Apple, and Microsoft, leverage offshore employees.

Assume you need to recruit two software developers for your next corporate business venture. You form a partnership with a low-budget outsourcing firm. They provide you engineers, but their productivity vs. output isn’t what you intended after a while. You’re at a loss and can’t continue the collaboration because they aren’t delivering on their promises.

On the other hand, you are involved in the hiring process as well as the operation process when you hire offshore talent. Total command, as we previously stated. You learn where your employees are trapped, how to improve, and how to move the job forward in a professional manner. Working with skilled offshore talent will also make things a lot easier!

Common Concerns for Startups while Hiring Offshore talent

You want to save money on labor and hire good people. That is something that any startup founder would desire. This is, in fact, a calculated approach. In other words, you should be cautious about how you utilize your money.

Offshoring has numerous benefits for new enterprises. However, it might be beneficial to become more conscious of the drawbacks as well. The following are some of the drawbacks of outsourcing talent:
• Time Zone differences
• Language barriers
• Work quality
• Decline in onshore opportunities
• Socio-Cultural difference

Work-life balance is one of the hottest issues in HR right now. How do you manage it when you hire people from other countries? You can offer them a variety of work possibilities as long as they keep their half of the agreement. Your team should meet deadlines and complete tasks within agreed-upon boundaries.

When COVID-19 occurred, many employees saw job flexibility as a critical aspect. The number of hours worked by the average employee was tracked by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 81.7 percent of employees worked onsite for some or all of their shifts, while 23.7 percent worked from home. Employees with flexible work schedules are more satisfied with their jobs and are loyal to their companies.

What does this mean in terms of corporate offshoring? Before bringing on a new employee, both sides must agree on a plan for their collaboration.
You can ask for a four-hour overlap so you can catch up or for them to complete the urgent activities during your workday. Whatever the reason, you must be certain of what you require and expect.

Consider the following factors before deciding whether or not you need to recruit an offshore staff.
1. Evaluate the required skill set
As a startup founder, you’ve probably already hired sales, operations, strategy, and industry experts. You’ll need more individuals with diverse capabilities to move from the idea to the launch phase. Hiring personnel with experience, expertise, and talents will be far more expensive than a business can afford. You must first identify all of the abilities for which you can hire a staffing firm to help you meet your needs.

2. Identify your business goals
When developing your business plan, you should pick a few meaningful and quantifiable goals (such as 3 to 4). Set deadlines for each of these objectives, as well as your dependencies and resources.

3. Assess your budget
As a startup, you’re continually faced with the decision of where to invest your funds. You are continuously concerned about a great return on investment. You must be practical in this situation. Before you outsource, figure out how much you’re willing to spend. Check to see if you can outsource right immediately or if it’s something you’ll have to think about later.

4. Assess your timeline your budget
When you’re a startup, you need to be quick to meet your deadlines. If you’re running out of time, it’s time to consider outsourcing certain jobs to a professional. Allow someone else to handle your operational responsibilities so you may concentrate on your key competencies.

5. Assess your business challenges
It will be beneficial if you can recognize your top pain points and determine whether or not an offshore staff can assist you in these areas. If you engage professionals through staff augmentation services, they’ll be able to fix your problems considerably faster. They’ll approach problems with fresh ideas, an open mind, and a creative approach.

Startups have a high turnover rate since it takes a long time to earn employees’ trust. In this instance, staff augmentation can be very beneficial because your project will never be threatened because a talent pool is readily accessible for your business needs.

6. Evaluate if you face the risk of attrition
If you’ve made up your mind and want to proceed with our staff augmentation services then we’re just a click away.

How Offshore Employees are Beneficial for Your Business? Top Reasons to Hire Offshore Talent

1. Cost-Effective Approach
By outsourcing offshore employees, many organizations in the United States save more than $2000 for each in-house employee on a yearly basis.
Companies prefer to hire offshore professionals for a variety of reasons, including the lower expense of employing a remote team of developers compared to in-house teams. You might be questioning “How?”
Offshore developers, are based in various areas of the world and work remotely, therefore avoiding all of these office costs.

Not to mention that some of them are from third-world nations, which means that their economies are still developing but not dominant enough, so they will receive a good remuneration and be able to work remotely, that will also help the company drive innovation.

2. Offshore Talent proves to be More Efficient
Businesses are satisfied with their in-house teams and their project-building competence, yet studies have proven that offshore talent are more productive because they work from home. Offshore talent is typically employed when a critical role needs to be filled due to their levels of competence.

3. Increases the Market Reach
Now that we’ve figured out how efficient an offshore approach is, we need to figure out how it aids in the market expansion of the company. Because offshore employees work in different regions of the world, they can use social media and the developer community to promote their business in their own country. They can serve as representatives for the company where they now work.
As the company gains more customers from that location, they will be able to broaden their market presence. As a result, offshore talent is ideal for growing a company.

4. Scalable Teams
Offshore recruitment is considerably easier and consumes less effort to onboard applicants to the organization than traditional hiring. As a result, companies have a lot of flexibility in scaling their offshore employees to meet market needs, and offshore talent enable enterprises all over the world build up their companies as the market grows.

5. More Robust Working
One of the most significant advantages of offshore employees is that teams can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as per their time zone. We are all familiar with remote teams working from various countries, and an organization is likely to hire several teams in order to be able to handle multiple teams at any time.

Offshore Hiring: A Concept of Today & Tomorrow

Hiring talent remotely from other countries is nothing new. Offshore hiring has been used by startups for years. As a startup founder, you’ll need to work with skilled offshore employees to get your business off the ground faster. Taking care of your team should be a top concern as well.

Workplace policies that promote work-life balance will boost loyalty, productivity, and employee’s happiness. Establish appropriate parameters that both you and your offshore team will accept. The benefits will be limitless.

Offshoring allows you to save money without sacrificing quality. It’s safe to say that launching a business isn’t going to be easy. Making the appropriate decisions, on the other hand, will assist you in your trip.

If you’re having trouble finding qualified offshore talent, consider hiring developers from an offshore organization like BorderlessMind.


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