Top 10 tips to effectively motivate an offshore software development team to deliver their best

You want high performing offshore developers for your software development, web development, application development or mobile app development requirements. While you do everything in your capacity to find the right offshore development company with the right team of talented offshore developers, there is some responsibility that you have as the project owner. You need to keep the offshore team motivated to deliver to the best of their capacity.

When you’re able to motivate, you can inspire interest, commitment and engagement in your workers.

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When you hire an offshore team for your software development requirements, you establish a new relation outside your organization. Even though it’s an external team but you must treat them as an extension of your internal team. How you make the offshore team feel is an integral factor that contributes to the success of the team. I’m giving you a list of 10 effective tips to help you encourage the offshore team to deliver their best (and if they still don’t, perhaps you need to find a more professional and capable offshore development company).

So here goes.

  1. Communicate your business objective and project goals

It is absolutely important for you to let your offshore team be aware of your business objective and project goals. They need to know how they are part of the bigger picture. Let them understand your professional goals so that their deliverables reflect what you really require

  1. Treat them as knowledge workers

Remember the main reason that you hired the offshore team in the first place was because of their skills. Treat them as knowledge workers and reach out to them for suggestions on process improvements, value additions and ask for their ideas.

  1. Use a standard set of communication tools

The biggest challenge with the outsourcing industry is the lack of communication. You can be proactive to finalize a standard set of communication tools at the beginning of the project. Ensure that you decide beforehand the frequency and mutually agreeable day and time for regular communication.

  1. Manage the workflow

If you need to manage the tasks efficiently, you must make the workflow simple. There are several online tools available for task management like Asana and that can make task management more efficient, transparent and timely.

  1. Plan regular meetings

You must set the frequency of meetings at the onset of the project. Ensure that you have meetings as per the agreed schedule to maintain transparency, connectedness and clarity between your team and your offshore team of professionals.

  1. Share employee communication

You can share some of the employee communication (which is relevant for them) with the offshore development team. For example, you can share announcements related to company achievements, management changes and other such key announcements.

  1. Plan trainings

This point doesn’t imply that you start imparting technical training to your offshore team. Every team member is clear about start date, expected completion date, notes and any changes during action.

  1. Respect their time

You have an offshore team that is working in a different time zone. While you agree to connect as per a mutually agreeable time but ensure that you are sensitive to their time zone and assign tasks accordingly.

  1. Appreciate and reward the offshore team

There is nothing that’s as motivating as appreciation. Appreciate the offshore team members when they achieve something significant. When they achieve bigger milestones, you can even reward the offshore team members.

  1. Be a mentor

As leader or senior personnel, business owner or senior executives can mentor the offshore team. They can guide them on career advancement or how they can follow their passion.

If you wish more tips on motivating offshore team, we can have a discussion. In case you’re searching for an offshore development company to hire offshore software developers, you can start with a free trial right away.


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  1. That’s a great post. Especially the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th tip is quite effective and can help entrepreneurs manage their remote teams easily.

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