Software Outsourcing will propel Digital Transformation in 2019

There is a global digitalization trend that is impacting every industry and every kind of business. For business leaders which are considering digital transformation in the next year, outsourcing seems like an option that will suit their pocket and help them meet the digital transformation needs. Outsourcing is becoming a trend that will fuel innovation and business growth. IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing will dominate the tech world in the years to come. There are several businesses that are adopting advanced business automation solutions to reap benefits of the new software outsourcing trends.

Digital Transformation in 2019

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The need to consider software outsourcing is more than ever. Enterprises are considering it as there’s a shortage of skills, need for value added services, threat to information security, need to follow stringent privacy needs, need to ramp up team quickly, need for faster product launch, requirement for superior service quality and need to be innovative.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the factors that makes software outsourcing to be critical for Digital Transformation in 2019.

  1. Shortage of skills

There are so many emerging technologies and it’s difficult for people to upgrade their skills at such a fast pace. It is getting difficult to get people with specialized skills It is difficult (almost impossible) to find resources skilled in emerging technologies. Hiring offshore software resources or offshore software team is much better.

  1. Need for value added services

The time when people considered software outsourcing as ‘cheap hands available for hiring’ is long gone. Software outsourcing providers are becoming business transformation partners for an increasing number of enterprises. The software outsourcing team consults the enterprises on best industry practices and next gen technologies that can help them go a long way.

  1. Threat to information security

Cyber security threats are increasing and there is an urgent need for security automation, threat intelligence and data loss prevention. Software outsourcing providers can help to meet security regulations and secure your data.

  1. Need to follow stringent data privacy rules

GDPR has made a huge impact on the need to meet privacy rules. Security audits have become a norm and there’s a need to update information security strategy. The data protection system must be solid with every detail to meet the data privacy norms clearly defined.

  1. Need to ramp up quickly

Outsourcing your business need to software team helps you to diversify your skills set and expertise across various areas. You can ramp up quickly if your requirement increases or can reduce the number of team members if your need for resources reduces.

  1. Need for faster product launch

If you outsource the digital transformation functions to an offshore software provider, your core team can focus on improving the product and bringing to the market sooner (at least faster than your competitors). You can even outsource your recruitment and administration functions so that you can focus on the product launch and expediting the delivery.

  1. Requirement for superior service quality

The software outsourcing team can help deliver high service quality with their vast experience and expertise. They can build an understanding of your customers and help you service them better.

In case you want to hire experts in next gen technologies, you can speak to one of our experts and discuss your digital transformation journey and the skills that you will need to make the transformation.


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