Why Your Business needs IT Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff augmentation as the term suggests allows companies, big or small, to add skilled professionals to their existing workforce. Are you still wondering what IT staff augmentation is, its benefits, and how it works? In that case, this article covers everything in detail about IT augmentation, profits incurred from these services, and how you can avail of these services.

As the IT technologies are advancing, it is now possible to build remote international teams without any risks, i.e., hiring in-house employees is not the only option. Globalization has made this even more manageable in software development. A shift has been seen from classical in-house development to IT staff augmentation and committed development teams. A recent study shows that the IT staff augmentation market generated a revenue of $132.9 billion last year and is expected to reach an all-time high of $170 billion this year.

Big firms maintain an efficient balance by complementing their stable employees, while small firms prefer to augment the entire workforce, keeping a minute percentage permanent. Some reasons behind this approach are budget constraints and the urgent need for skilled professionals for project completion.

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What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model of a company as per the current requirements and objectives. It can be entirely possible that a company doesn’t have the exact human resource required for several reasons. In such scenarios, it’s mindful of turning to IT staff companies to recruit the needed team members. This lets big and small firms add skilled employees to the existing team. This recruitment principle is prevalent due to the need for the project and its seasonality. Staff augmentation can take different forms ranging from remotely located to on-site professionals. In a nutshell, IT augmentation is nothing but hiring people from IT staff augmentation countries belonging to the same or foreign country for a specific duration at a price that suits the project’s budget. In the following two sections, we will see why this practice is on the rise.

How IT Staff Outsourcing Works?

The IT Staff Augmentation service team is there at all the steps of outsourcing. The procedure can mainly be divided into:

1. Identification of requires expertise and team size

Decide on the number of people you wish to hire along with the requirements. You should clearly define the years of experience, qualifications, and skills you are looking forward to.

2. Scrutinizing and selection

On defining the requirements, it’s time to search for the right candidate. This phase includes skill tests and interviews to filter out the choices.

3. Integrating the new team members

This is a significant phase as it includes the boarding process. This must be done diligently to help your remote employees successfully become a part of the original team. Please make sure they are comfortable in the new work environment.

4. Nurturing and support

It is essential to provide continuous support to new employees after integrating. Remember to gather feedback and develop solid relationships for practical cooperation.

Why do you need it for your business?

Let’s look at the benefits of this recruitment process:

  • Hire anytime

IT staff augmentation is flexible. There is no cap on the amount of time you want to hire. You can supplant your permanent employees as per your need. This flexible hiring prevents additional costs incurred in permanent hiring, such as health benefits and employee provident funds. It gives professionals work flexibility and creates a win-win situation both all parties involved. This also fills the gap between the supply and demand of skills. Thus, this allows hiring on the go, which serves the interests of both employers and employees.

  • Gives you a competitive edge

As mentioned previously, staff augmentation lets you leverage specific skill sets. Firms don’t bear an enormous cost for hiring professionals based on the project as they pay for the talent only during the requisite period. Skill-specific talent gives a competitive edge over others as it adds domain-centric knowledge. Firms reach out to greater markets with such a pool of talent. This is a double win for the firms as they get the best of skills at a fraction of cost and even higher positions than their competitors.

  • Big Talent Pool

Access to a vast talent pool of skilled experts is the crux of IT staff augmentation. Permanent hiring restricts leveraging new talent available in the market with intensive skill training. The techniques bought by the outsourced employees are beneficial and unique. Also, it might not be possible to hire a particular professional full-time, but you can leverage their expertise for a short project. By hiring for a specific skill set, you are increasing your talent pool.

  • Adapt and expand

Expand your operations on a trial basis without investing in permanent hiring. If you wish to benefit from the current market conditions and scale up your business without failure and investment drowning risks, staff augmentation is the way to go. Hiring on a project basis opens new avenues for expansion and test market acceptability. Adaptability is another characteristic of flexible hiring. Market demand is changing continuously, with millennials garnering new proficiencies and skills daily. Companies that are unable to respond to such changes succumb to failure. Staff augmentation is a boon as it equips companies with responsiveness.

  • Increase efficiency of your operations

Companies incur high operational costs with minimal Return of Investment, especially during lean periods. Staff augmentation companies allow flexible working platforms that endorse operational efficiency. Partnering with supplying organizations cuts on infrastructural costs of conducting operations in a new environment as outsourced employees work remotely or on the existing workspace. Staff augmentation services reduce the cost of operation and hiring costs and translate these savings into profits.

  • You are in control

Firms retain control over management and work at all times. Staff augmentation is not like project outsourcing, where the entire project is transferred to an external unit. By outsourcing only, the staff augmentation, management remains in your hand. With control over management, firms can shape the projects as they want to. The parent firms always have a say in the final call.

  • Contemporary worldview

IT staff augmentation is how to access new and contemporary opinions—permanent hiring results in views and ideas for increasing profits and business development getting stagnated. New businesses demand innovative and unconventional means for delivering results. IT staff augmentation will allow you to engage with a diverse set of professionals and recycle ideas time and again. It will also give your firm the ability to proper operations by leveraging new ideas.

Importance of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Here’s why you need to use IT Staff Augmentation Services:

1. You are not officially accountable to remote developers

Despite the developers are a part of your team and work for the company, you are not the official employer; the outsourcing firm is. So, you can decide on the working terms of each party so that you don’t have to look into vacations and the number of days off for your remote employee.

2. Transparency

Most outsourcing companies charge monthly payments for offering a developer. The fee includes the charge for providing the service and the genuine pay. These conditions of payment are honest and transparent.

3. Protection of data

While hiring remotely, you sign a non-disclosure agreement with the staff outsourcing firm to ensure that your intellectual property is safe. As remote developers work full time so this prevents them from misusing confidential information.

Find the best-in-class IT staff augmentation company

Many IT staff augmentation companies globally and in India offer their services to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. BorderlessMind is a top-notch IT staff augmentation company that offers best-in-class augmentation services in India, Latin America, Asia/East Europe.

BorderlessMind helps handle on-demand needs and burst periods of work. We work as a business extension and scale with your needs bringing you the top 5% expertise and talent to your organization. We currently hire software testers, UX UI designers, IT, cloud, digital marketing experts, software, mobile, web developers, and even back-office skilled resources.


IT staff augmentation has come way beyond its inception phase. Now, it is a readily accepted alternative staffing model. Firms benefit from flexible hiring and leveraging developers’ capabilities with the intensive skill set efficiently and cost-effectively. The millennial generation is profiting from this as they prefer to work in non-traditional jobs that are domain-specific. Moreover, IT staff augmentation comes with fewer legal responsibilities and increased output.

If you are planning to outsource development services, get in touch with us!


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