5 proven tips to ensure maximum productivity when you hire remote developers

There are several benefits of engaging with a team of remote developers or remote developer. Increased productivity, reduced stress, lower overhead costs and improved efficiency to name a few. You might hire a remote team to meet your need for development, design, SEO, content or other skills. Imagine the time you’d spend on hiring, training, retaining and rehiring if an employee leaves. You need to partner with the right staff augmentation partner to ensure that they have a team of committed skilled and open-minded doers who can seamlessly become an extension of your business.

There is an increased demand for hiring remote developers in US as there’s a pressing need (for enterprises of all sizes) to do more with less. Do you wish there was a guide to help you make remote developer or remote team of professionals deliver at their best?

I have put together a list of 5 proven tips to maximize the productivity of your remote team.

1. Conduct thorough interviews of the remote team

Hire Remote Developers

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Once you have evaluated the qualifications and skills of the remote team members, fix a time for an interview (preferably a video interview). You can also evaluate if they share the same values as your business. You can ask them questions like (besides technical questions):

  • What motivates them to achieve their goals?
  • Scenarios where they have gone an extra mile to resolve business challenges
  • How do they share feedback?
  • How do they collaborate?

You can ensure a continued commitment and productivity if you have the right kind of people working as your remote team.

2. Select mutually agreed communication channels, frequency and processes

Hire Remote Developers

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Before you start working with the hired remote team, ensure that you agree on the communication channels to be employed, frequency of status meetings and the processes to be followed. You and the remote team must be on the same page about guidelines, workflows and working model.

There’s a lot of time that can be saved on communication gaps and confusion due to misunderstood requirements.

3. Share ample training material

Hire Remote Developers

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Besides the project specifications, you need to share all possible training material (whatever you’re allowed to share) that can help remote workers understand the way you work better. It helps them understand your business, business needs, standards, policies, procedures and core values better.

4. Leverage tools to manage time and collaborate


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There are a host of online tools available for free that can enable you to manage tasks, time and milestones more efficiently. There are tools like Asana and Trello that can help you to manage tasks better. Then there are communication tools like Skype and Slack that help you to communicate regularly and effectively.

Better understanding of the requirements and regular updates can help your remote developers to up their productivity.

5. Don’t micromanage

Hire Remote Developers

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People might feel reluctant to deliver when they feel they’re constantly being watched. You need to be trustful of them to deliver and keep a track of what the remote team members require to deliver. Act like a coach to them to provide everything that they require to deliver their best.

In case you’re interested to learn some more about the tips to enhance the productivity of the remote team, you can speak to one of our experts. You can even engage with us in case you are searching for dependable, talented, dedicated and skillful remote developers and remote designers.


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