Hire offshore web designer: 4 tips to ensure that you hire the right offshore web designer(s) in 2019

Web designers are responsible for putting life into a website. Professional and offshore web designers can help infuse the right components into a website. As you build your website revamp or website development plan for the next year, it is recommended that you first find the right offshore web designers to work on your requirements. You must ensure that the offshore web designers that you hire are aware of the latest trends that can impact your business, website and brand. The offshore web designer must be aware of the recent industry standards, relevant experience and agree to maintain your data confidentiality.

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Every year there are several web design trends that drive brands to make changes to their website, web entity and online presence. If you engage with the right offshore web designers, you can get a website that can garner attention, drive sales and make an impact to your bottom line and brand.

I have collated a list of 4 tips that can help you ensure that you find the right offshore web designer or the right offshore web designing team.

  1. Define your business requirements

You can’t rely on your web designers to define your requirements. As a business owner, you are clear about your brand, business, target customers and the way your brand must be perceived. You needn’t get into the technical details, but you can define your brand guidelines, your expectations and reference websites. Create a draft of your business requirements, something that you can refine after discussing with the offshore web designer company or designers.

  1. Check the web designer’s portfolio

Once you start connecting with staff augmentation companies to hire offshore web designers, you must ask for their portfolio. Previous work matters a lot when you must decide between two or more web designers. You can get an idea if their work matches your taste and preferences.

  1. Ask for client references

You can ask for case studies and client references to get an idea of the industries and domains that the web designers have worked upon. It will also give you an idea on the commitment level, work approach, dedication, agility and creativity of the web designers you will engage with. You will get a fair idea about whether the web designers can deliver on time and on budget.

  1. Quality assurance measures

Ensure that the offshore web designer follows exhaustive tests and quality assurance measures are followed. They must test user-friendly navigation and end-user stimulation. The web designers might not be performing the quality tests, but they must have peers equipped with the testing skills or a dedicated QA team who can perform the tests.

BorderlessMind can offer you a team of experienced, creative, professional and skillful offshore web designers who are updated with the latest industry trends and technology updates. We can offer dedicated team of web designers at flexible rates and schedule. They must use a variety of communication, project management, task management and time management tools to provide excellence in all web designing projects.

Are you planning a website revamp in the next year and not sure where you can start searching for the right offshore web design company? Perhaps, you can start talking to us.


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