7 tips to hire the best remote AngularJS Developers

Hiring process for an in-house team isn’t easy. The hiring process becomes extra difficult when one must hire for specialized technical skills like AngularJS developers. When you’re seeking a resource, you need a person who’s competent, skilled and committed, and of course the resource must be well versed in AngularJS technical skills. Time and money are of essence when you’re trying to hire AngularJS developers for a specific project requirement.

Offshore AngularJS development India

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The reason for writing this blog is to help you find industry’s best and most efficient AngularJS developers in a way that saves both time and money for you.

AngularJS is an open-source front-end JavaScript web application framework that has become popular in the last few years. It is a dynamic framework for web apps. It allows he users to use HTML as a template language and allows you to extend HTML’s syntax for expressing the application’s components clearly and concisely.

You can hire remote developers to get your work done quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

In-house AngularJS developers Vs Remote AngularJS developers

You can hire a remote AngularJS developer or a team of remote AngularJS developers to find a qualified person for the job. The in-house team will be more expensive as the cost of hiring and retaining is quite high since AngularJS is a niche technology, it is difficult to find people with AngularJS skills. You need an experienced AngularJS Developer who has solid JavaScript and TypeScript skills and can get started on your project immediately.

When you engage a remote AngularJS team of developers, you don’t have to worry about training them as technology changes or there are newer versions of the technology.

I’d suggest you 7 tips to ensure that you hire proficient and the best remote AngularJS developers for your requirement.

  1. Ensure that they have proficiency in JavaScript and HTML5
  2. Ensure that they have experience of creating self-contained, testable and reusable modules and components.
  3. Ensure that the resource has JS and CSS methods
  4. Assess if the resource has experience of working in RESTful services
  5. Evaluate if the resource has knowledge of AngularJS practices and modules that are commonly used
  6. Ensure that the resource has experience in making data binding, AJAX calls, direct DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation, creating custom directives, services and factories.
  7. Ensure that you hire a remote team member who has experience in AngularJS Development Services

Before you hire a remote AngularJS developer:

  • Ensure that you know the number of AngularJS developers you require.
  • Ensure that you know if you require senior, mid-level or junior level AngularJS developers
  • Decide your budget
  • Define your timeline
  • Document your requirements
  • Prepare your interview questions
  • Draft a job description
  • Ensure that you prepare the interview questions and include a test to assess the communication skills of the candidate
  • Prepare for multiple rounds of interview, if required

If you are not sure where to being, here’s our in-depth guide to hiring Angular developers to get you started.

If you want to get free from the stress of hiring in-house AngularJS developers, hire the best remote AngularJS developers in no time. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements.


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