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Future of Work, Remote Management

Head Of Remote Work: The New Post-Pandemic Job Title

As the pandemic has shifted how people work, remote lifestyles have become much more common. Many businesses were already championing this way of working pre-COVID, however it was a much rarer...

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Future of Work, Remote Work

How to work with remote team and create a high-performance culture

Working with a remote team can be a dream or a nightmare. Over the past few weeks and months many of us have had both experiences. Whilst working with a remote team, when planned, can bring many...

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Future of Work

Inhouse vs Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore- Which among these the best sourcing option that meets your software needs

When faced with the decision of how to get software projects, multiple sourcing options available. Depending on your preferences, you could be looking at inhouse vs. onshore vs. offshore vs....

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Future of Work

Everything you wanted to know about CRM and Microsoft CRM

Getting the basics right – What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management System or CRM is a technology that allows organizations to track and leverage every customer interaction to maximize...

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