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How On-Demand Remote Hiring Saves Your Long-Term Overheads and Stress

Remote work has been around for a while, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated its adoption. It is safe to say now that remote work is no longer just a trend but a necessity for many businesses...

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6 Effective Tips to Hire Data Engineers Remotely: Best Practices for Data Engineer Interviews

As per Glassdoor Data Engineering ranked in the top 15 of “50 Best Jobs in America for 2022” in order of demand, having 11,821 job openings as of today. It also earned a Job Satisfaction score of...

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7 Best Practices in Remote Project Management for Managing Remote Teams Effectively

As the trend towards a remote working setup continues to grow, managing such teams has become pivotal to successful business operations and continuity. Remote project management can be a double-edged...

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What Happens When You Get Laid Off & How to Tackle It?

Corporations have initiated massive layoffs globally, resulting in an uphill battle for employees to jump into another firm immediately. Some organizations have even embraced “Quiet Firing” to...

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Reduction in Force Are Always Painful – Here’s How You Can Communicate Them Compassionately

Multiple corporations in the USA and world-over are drastically reducing their workforce as part of their restructuring efforts to better cope with the economic slump, growing inflation, and global...

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What is Quiet Firing? 6 Signs You Are Being “Quiet Fired” From Your Job

Massive layoffs and some unpleasant sackings later, senior leadership realized that firing workers in bulk isn't a good approach. Firing makes the workplace atmosphere awkward and creates a sense of...

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Reframing Quiet Quitting & Setting Up the Right Expectations – How Companies Can Help Prevent Quiet Quitting?

Reframing Quiet Quitting: Setting the Right Expectations Following Covid-19, we've had to hit the reset button and reconsider our personal and professional situations. Some people have changed jobs...

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Moonlighting, Dual Employment Keeping IT Employers on Toes. 6 Ways You Can Keep the Double-Dippers in Check!

Remote collaboration picked up in the last couple of years to the extent where it emerged as a feasible model for many Enterprises and Startups, who then went on a remote hiring spree. They could run...

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6 Skills that Start-up Founders Expect from Offshore Developers

Start-ups on the lookout for offshore developers aren’t willing to cut corners. They only want the best, the crème de la crème of developers - no compromises. These start-ups maybe a little short...

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10 Best Countries for Hiring Offshore Development Team: A Guide to Hire Developers Remotely

Post the disruption from the pandemic, many Enterprises realized that the remote model might not be as bad as it seems. The ongoing digital transformation had already ushered many tools that made...

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